Is White Prom Dresses too Bridal-Looking for Prom?

How to wear white prom dresses

Is white prom dresses the last thing when you are shopping for your prom dress? I am sure most of us said to our mom ’ I don’t care about color, just not white’, we worried that wearing white was going to make us look too much like a bride.

White is the color of purity, sophistication and elegance, now the lines are blurring between bridal dress and formal special occasion, the top designers for high end prom dresses design white prom dresses because girls love them. And in my opinion white dress for prom party would be fine, just make sure it is allowed by your prom themes.

How to wear white prom dresses:

Ask yourself: am I happy in this dress? Can I afford it? If both answer are ‘Yes’, then go for it.

Different types of white with tints of different colors have the potential to wash you out or give you a glow; so choose your shade of white carefully. To avoid being washed out, wear a white that has a tint which doesn’t match your skin undertone pigment but has the same undertone temperature. For example, someone with a yellowish undertone should wear a cool white, while someone with a pinkish undertone should wear a warm white, and both temperatures can also wear a neutral white. Those with neutral undertones should wear either a decidedly warm or cool white because a neutral white like ivory might drain them.

There are a bunch of white prom dresses styles to choose from and particular white dresses too bridal for prom, you have to make smart decisions, go for something a little more fitted , skip ball gown style and near-white dresses or made of voile.

fitted white prom dresses

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Fabric: fabric is one of the biggest things to consider when picking white dresses for prom, lace and organza will come out looking very bridal.

Cut:  Pick a fitted and modern cut like style (like crystal decorated illusion neckline).

white prom dresses with illusion neckline

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Texture:  textures like sequin patterns, chic embroidery or pleated fabric will give your white dress look more charming instead of flat depending.

Embellishment: The embellishments give an air of regality and enrich the look of solid white. Intricate beading or a scattering of sequin and rhinestones will sparkle you on the party.  You won’t have to worry about not standing out in your white prom dress.

white prom dresses with embellishment

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Lace:  It’s a little risky white lace on a white dress will be too bridal but it will be different while a white dress that has lace with an accent color.

white prom dresses with black lace

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White prom dresses look amazing and if you want it look less bridal-looking, escape style your hair in a typical bridal hairstyle.

Compare white prom dress with crystal high heels instead of traditional white or nude color shoes.

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Pairing Hair Style with Your Dress and Shoes for School Prom Party

What is your hairstyle for your prom? There are long curly hair, updo hairstyle and many awesome celebrities’ hairstyles. But which one perfects your prom dress, prom shoe and bag.

Long wave brown hair with braid left to right, when my first sight at this hairstyle all I can image is a royal blue prom dress and silver shoes and bag with sparkles.

royal blue dress with curly side braid

If you do love tiara like Amy, then a cute pink prom dress is the best choice.

pink prom dresses


Otherwise, you can turn yourself into a mature and hot girl on that day.

hot prom dresses with updo hairstyle


mature and elegance prom dresses

Long curly hair and black one shoulder gown are amazing combination. With dazzling heels and hot clutch, this whole outfit is doomed to win.

black one shoulder prom dresses

If you are a blonde curly hair girl, a one shoulder red prom gown with sequins round the bust is the most reliable choice. And it would better pick sequined bag and shoes which combine with that gown.

blond curly hair girls prom pairing


Also, curly hair and white dress collocation is also very perfect choice.

white prom dresses

Sweetheart prom dress is always so irresistible for most girls.

Nude pumps and bag for who hate heels and shining things.

irresistible sweetheart Ombre prom dresses

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