The Top 5 Most Fabulous Bridesmaid Dress Trends for Fall 2014

We are almost certain that brides set to wed this fall are now starting to look frantically in shops, scouring the internet for deals and getting a wee bit giddy about how their best ladies are going to look on her big day! It’s a huge job for the bride and chief bridesmaid and that’s exactly why we are here to help you choose the right dresses! Not only can we point you in the right direction but we can also give you the dress you want, made to the perfect fit! Do ensure sure you make the most of our free consultation service for those all-important bridesmaid needs.

fabulous 2014 fall bridesmaid dresses

1. White and Ivory Bridesmaid Dresses

A continuing trend, white and ivory will still be hanging around this fall!

white and Ivory Bridesmaid Dresses

2. Belts-Bridesmaid Dresses with Sash

Make sure you accessorize long and short dresses with a little belt; they are a great tool for dressing up a casual dress too!

bridesmaid dresses with belt

3. Delicate Overlays

Brides have been paying homage to this elegant look for a while now and it’s time for the bridesmaids to jump on this gorgeous trend too.

overlay Bridesmaid Dresses

4. Skinny Straps

We see them all over the runways this year and we are set to see them walking down the aisle this fall.

Skinny Straps Bridesmaid Dresses

5. One Shouldered Bridesmaid Dress

Another trend to see the test of time and we are so pleased to still see them around. Choose from a range of style from thin straps, to a ruffled capped sleeve and pretty scalloped edges.

One Shoulder Bridesmaid DressesClick our Long Bridesmaid Dresses and Short Bridesmaid Dresses to choose a perfect for best bridesmaids.