Prom Dresses for Chubby Arms

Do you know there are particular prom dresses for chubby arms girls? With variety of styles we can cover the less-than-desirable proportions or emphasizes other areas. To girls who have fat arms, we may prefer a prom dress style with sleeves, at least partial sleeves to cover part of your arm.

prom dresses for chubby arms

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Tips of choosing good Prom Dresses for chubby arms girls involving a simple understanding of flattering fashion:

  1. Sleeves are probably biggest concern on any prom dress; but certain types of sleeves end between the elbow and shoulder, these types of sleeves actually draw attention to your fat arms not covering up your arms. And also cap sleeves tend to cut right across the largest party, highlight the least attractive part of the upper arm. These type sleeves prom dresses are the one you should avoid.good prom dresses
  2. But you don’t have to limit yourself to long sleeves; choose sleeves that end at the thinner part of our arm, three-quarter or elbow-length sleeves covering the upper arm completely, helps hide unsightly arms. With lace or other detailing on the end draws attention away from your arms, also, worth noting that cutout shoulders are something that can flatter you.
  3. Choose prom dresses with light, airy flowing material sleeves, like chiffon, lace. Avoiding tight knit or clingy fabric. Sheer/ lace sleeves prom dresses are pretty strong trends of 2018 prom dresses. You can go as delicate as you like and translucent as you prefer. This way your arms are not bare and not covered either.sheer sleeves prom dresses for fat armsClick to order KSP250 / KSP473
  4. Going sleeveless although you may initially feel uncomfortable wearing a sleeveless top, in fact sleeveless prom dresses is actually quite flattering on most girls according racked. Choose a sleeveless tank top cut close to the neck to reveal the subtle sexiness of your shoulder bones. Cut-away necklines prom dresses will make you look slimmer by taking attention elsewhere.
    If you wear deeper cuts that expose your shoulders, your arms visually look longer plus shoulders is where the attention is now. For the very same reason, halters will as well.Cut-away neckline sleeveless prom dressesClick to order KSP328 / KSP270
  5. You may still look good in spaghetti prom dresses even if you have fat arms. A narrow strap shows your shoulder bone is more flattering than a short sleeve (cap sleeves). If go sleeveless prom dress or spaghetti prom dress make sure the dress isn’t too tight under the arm, otherwise there will be bulges and draw attention back to your arms again.spaghetti straps prom dresses for fat armsClick to order KSP261 / KSP468
  6. Get an instantly slimming effect visually by choosing prom dress in dark colors, such as black or navy blue. Dark colors do not reflect much light, so wrinkles, curves and bulges in the fabric remain relatively hidden. Or a color similar to your natural skin tone for less contrast between dress sleeve and skin. Avoid shiny or sparkly black fabrics, which will only highlight your problem areas.
  7. Wear a shawl or shrug to further cover your arms if your favorite prom dress is not friendly to fat arms.
  8. Enhance your outfit with bold accessories is another way to draw attention away from your chubby arms. If you are proud of your waist, wear an attention-grabbing belt. Emphasize your legs with a sexy pair of stilettos. A bold pair of earrings or a dramatic necklace can also draw attention away from your arms.bold accessories for prom dresses
  9. In one word choose sleeves that end at the thinner part of your arm, such as batwing or fluted sleeves or sleeveless, translucent is the best. Avoid billowing or puffy sleeves, half sleeve of cap sleeve prom dress, which draw attention to your arms and bold horizontal stripe on the arm. Kissprom is just the place for you if you are looking for prom dresses for chubby arms.prom dresses with half lace sleevesClick to order KSP475 / KSP474


What Do You Wear Under Prom Dresses?

What do you wear under your prom dresses UK? I guess you may blurt out underwear LOL! Yes, it is the answer I can’t refute. But what to wear underneath your prom dresses would also depending on the style, length, and material of the dress for your prom and your bust size shape and so on. Special cut out need special undergarments that won’t show with an open back or plunging neckline or panties that won’t leave lines under even the most fitted knit gowns; nothing ruins the sophistication of a beautiful evening gown more than panty lines or a bra strap peeking through!

what to wear under prom dresses

Prom season is coming, and search for prom dress is already over, you got the dress; what now, you are nervous about wearing a strapless bra for your strapless prom dresses because the move all over the place, not safe to tape boobs, and is it necessary to wear shorts / spandex over panties? Buying undergarments may not be as exciting as buying a prom dress, but proper underwear is a crucial and worthwhile investment that will make your prom dress shine and ensure you’ll look flawless!

undergarments for prom dresses

If your dress is long prom dresses with tank straps, then there is nothing to worry, you can wear anything you want, a bra with straps or strapless bra (depends on how large your breasts);

long prom dresses with tank straps

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For backless prom dresses or strapless bustier prom dress, wear sticky bra, you don’t need to worry about them falling down or moving and it also acts as a push-up bra. Or a strapless backless bra with 2 cups clip together in the front, it is comfortable and work great.

bra for backless, strapless prom dresses

KSP400/ KSP415

For Strapless A-line prom dresses, you can wear a strapless bra if you just need more support up, but if you want to fill out the top a bit more, wearing a strapless silicone stick on bra.

silicone stick on bra for strapless prom dresses

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For a plunging neckline prom dresses or keyhole back prom dresses, you need a U-shaped bra, a backless bra held on by stocky side panels for invisible support.

U shaped bra for plunging neckline prom dresses

KSP300/ KSP367

Prom dresses with fitted skirt (mermaid, sheath, pencil) which will cling and show every lump and bump, pair it with a seamless thong to avoid panty lines.

seamless thong for fitted skirt prom dresses

KSP370/ KSP426

Prom dresses with sheer on side or bodice, these prom dresses calls for unconventional support, use Hollywood breast lift tape to fake the support of a bra, and a flexible silicone thong sticky in the front and back to give you invisible coverage without having to go. And also a spandex same color as the dress.

sheer prom dresses

KSP466/ KSP396

 If your prom dress is slinky, you need a body slimmer or thong panties.

slinky prom dresses with body slimmer

KSP416/ KSP263

If your prom dress is ball gown style, then a petticoat will make the dress to look fuller.

If your prom dress is mini prom dresses, you’d better wear spandex so as not to be tacky. Spandex is a lifesaver and prevents one from flashing everybody.
Other tips: wear some nude hose. It looks classy and makes your legs look really smooth.

Thong panty and spandex are must go-to’s so there’s no VPL. And if you don’t have extra money to get new bra for the party, that’s OK, check our blogger how to wear bra for prom dresses?


Chic Vintage Hollywood Prom Dresses

Have obsessed with Downtown Abbey style dress, and want to rock a stand-out dress at prom, the dresses that old Hollywood prom dresses are glamorous and oh-so-chic:

vintage off the shoulder short prom dresses KSP352

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I love this vintage boat neckline short prom dress, because it bodice top and gown silhouette, elegance and perfect for any body shape.

red sequin spaghetti empire cowl back vintage prom dress

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This vintage prom dress is classy and sassy at the same time; the point of this red prom dress is the back, cloak back and sequin lace.

pretty black dot lace long mermaid vintage prom dres

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If you are bored with pure color prom dress, try this mermaid vintage prom dress, with black dot lace top, side ruffled, sketch the beautiful curve of your body.

vintage black ruffled criss-cross sequin prom dresses KSP322

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This vintage themed black prom dress is so amazing, the black bold color, the perfectly-placed sequins, the symmetrical side ruffles, and the sweep train behind you when you at the dance party.

retro purple mid length prom dress with pocket

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Dreaming of the black dress that Audrey Hepburn worn at the movie, this vintage mid length prom dress could be your choice. Boat neckline, gown silhouette with pocket, elegance and charming.

vintage coral cap sleeves long empire prom dresses UK KSP033

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This vintage coral prom dress is perfect; you can find shade of Downton Abbey. Perhaps Lady Mary would love this one.


Amazing Plus Size Prom Dresses Collection for Curvy Girls

Looking a gorgeous plus size prom dress to make a statement on prom night, and don’t want to break the bank, Kissprom has it all: long or mini prom dresses, high low style, lace details, jeweled embellishments, one shoulder and halter silhouettes; Free custom size and color options will flatter your skin and your curve body;

plus size prom dresses uk for curvy girls

It’s a plus size prom dress fit for a Disney princess! This sparkle blue, floor-length gown is perfect choice of Cinderella at the ball. Pair this one with glitter necklace and crown;

blue princess plus size prom dresses

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This dainty cream plus size short dress features a sheer lace bodice that is so prom perfect!

short mini cream prom dresses for plus size curve girls

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The best thing about this plus size prom dress is that you can wear it again and again with the help of different jewelry and shoes for every special occasion. Every gal needs a little black dress in her wardrobe.

cute illusion neckline little black dress for plus size curve girls

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Try this pastel pink prom dress; the empire waist is super flattering for plus size curve girls, so romantic look!

pastel pink empire plus size prom dress for curve girls

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If you’re really tall (it is common plus size gals are), then shop a one-shoulder prom dress; The one strap cuts across chest, which will make you look narrower!

sparkle one shoulder plus size prom dresses uk

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Super flattering double embellishment at the waist and a sweetheart neckline plus size prom dress will look good on almost any curvy girl.

Sparkle jeweled illusion sweetheart empire short plus size prom dresses uk

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In this strapless embellishment short plus size prom dresses, you will really make a statement: Sweetheart neckline, cinched waist, lots of sparkle and jewels, and a skirt that has just the right amount of swish which are all the right ingredients for the perfect plus-size prom dress.

cute sparkle short pink plus size prom dresses uk

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The goal of prom is to have fun, make memories and celebrate; They are so many plus size prom dresses for curve girls on with super affordable price; you don’t need to get trouble to find perfect plus size prom dresses.


Fashion Prom Dress Trends Lace Prom Dresses

When talking about prom, the spotlight is a perfect prom dresses for girls, charming and personality. It is the reason why girls spend much time on preparing the dresses to attract eyesight. Lace is always loved by women, if you are looking for your prom dress now, take lace prom dress into your consideration, it is fuzzy and girly.

beautiful lace prom dress

First, try white lace dresses, cute and pure formal dress.

beautiful white lace prom dresses uk

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white lace prom dressesBesides white lace prom dresses, you still have more other choices:

Romantic green lace prom dresses;

Romantic Green Lace Prom Dresses

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Cute and sweet pink lace prom dresses;

cute girly pink lace prom dress

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The wildness and capture eyes black lace prom dresses;

Cool black lace prom dresses uk

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Tips: If your prom dress is black lace dress, a hand lace chain, which will increase mental aura.

black lace jewery

Now, choose your custom made lace prom dress for your prom party from our lace prom dresses collection.


2015 New Color Trends- Burgundy Prom Dress

Burgundy, 2015 new fashion trends, it is loved by celebrities, and it is very popular on the red carpet.

blake lively in burgundy dresses

burgundy celebrity dress

Burgundy also popular in prom dress field, let’s see the beautiful burgundy prom dresses kissprom prepared for you to the 2015 prom season:

sweetheart sequin burgundy prom dresses uk

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Long burgundy prom dresses uk

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beautiful chiffon burgundy prom dresses 2015

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gorgeous burgundy formal prom dresses 2015

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You will look elegance and charming on the party with burgundy prom dresses, you will be the Goddess easily.

burgundy dresses 2015


How to Reuse Your Prom Dresses

It is prom season now, have you got your prom dresses yet? And after prom, it comes with so many parties girls need to dress up—Thanksgiving and Christmas party, New Year’s Eve, so it will be full of funny to think about reusing your prom dress.

2014 prom dresses uk


Following are some useful tips we collect about reuse your prom dress:

Revive It: You can change the long prom dress to short Halloween dress, sewing sleeves for the strapless dress with lace or other different material.

reuse the short wedding dresses by addling sleeves

reuse the long dress by cutting downWith the help of vest or shoes, the same dress can be wear different feeling.

two feeling of one dress with velvet and shoes

DIY the bottom of your floor-length gown to a maxi dress, and top of the gown could be a Top with the accessories on the dress.

DIY your long prom dress to Maxi dress reuse the bottom of prom dress reuse the top of your prom dresses

Donate it, there are many organizations accept prom dress donations. It will be very magic that a girl with the same body shape as you go to the prom with the same dress you worn to your prom party, we call this fate.

donate the prom dress to the deserve one

There is on sale campaign on our website. If you are looking for a prom dress, please click Kissprom to choose a perfect one. When choosing, please take into consideration that how to reuse it in future.

Have Fun : )


Nude Color 2014 Fashion Trend of Prom Dresses

2014 nude formal dresses

The 86th Academy Awards ceremony was held, the most eye-catching things are the dresses of the actresses. It’s easy to find a fashion trend according their shinning dresses: Nude Color.

nude celebrities dresses

Nude color is making fashion waves.

nude color trend fashion

Why not choose a nude color prom dress for yourself like these charming women on the Red Carpet?

nude prom dresses

Nude color prom dresses make you seem easy to close.

Nude color prom dresses with much elegance!

cute nude long prom dresses

Same color shade shoes will match nude prom dresses perfectly.

nude color matching details

To be the focus of the prom with our nude color UK 2014 prom dresses!

2014 UK nude prom dresses


How to Dress Sexy but Casual

How to make people notice you first at your prom party? Realize that leaving something to the imagination is an important part of dressing sexy. Don’t go overboard with revealing yourself.

blue sexy long prom dresses

First,Be confident and take pride in how you look in your prom dress.

Confidence is key. Get into the crowd to be with someone you have to get in the game or you’ll never get in.

sheath long prom dress with train

Second, stop trying to squeeze yourself into prom dresses that are too small – the end effect is that you look large. And avoid dresses that are over-sized for you; they won’t appear sexy.

special design high slit formal dress

Third, Don’t try too hard.

It needs to appear natural and yet still make it clear that you take time to care about your appearance.

Find clothes that flatter you.

sexy prom dresses

elegance black lace promdresses

You also need some fashion items to suggest sexiness.

Search and shop 2014 sexy prom dresses, from our website: