How to Look Five Pounds Thinner in Your Prom Dresses

You are wanted to look skinny, but you don’t want to on diet or don’t have time to take exercise. Don’t worry if you know some make up tips and wardrobe secret weapons, you will look five pounds thinner easily, and you will look awesome in your prom photos.

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Start with makeup, we all know that make up can contour face to make cheekbones higher, it can do the same for body, contour and highlight around collarbone to stick it more, or create contour lines in your arms to define your biceps and triceps; if you don’t know how to do, there are some video online for you to learn.

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Get help from high heels, you will look a few extra inches high walking in high heels, your body will elongated and even out. Walking in high heels can emphasis your calf muscles and makes your butt look perkier. No matter your dress is short or long, you will look Skinner with high heels.

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Try a body shaper or compression camisole to smooth out bulges that you don’t want, your body will look streamline, you will instantly slender without lifting a finger. 

Ensure fitted bra; it is very important to make sure your bra is the right size no matter you are a busty girls or not. Lifted bust will look more proportional and instantly Skinner with right size bra. If your breasts hand down low or your small size bra pushes fat in your back and your arms you will look heavier than you are.


Choose right dress silhouette can do wonders for your body shape. A-line dress with cinched waistline flared out over hips flatter to everybody type and creates an illusion of thinner body.

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Wear just one color to avoid split up your body into different parts; a dress in one color will look streamline. Wearing statement necklace or a beautiful belt can avoid look boring. And dark color dresses will look slimmer, dark colors is easy to hide certain bulge.

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