No Dresses, No Prom

We say that no prom dresses, no prom party for girls. Prom Drama know this; But it is difficult to get a fashion chic prom dresses that fit you very well at same time.

When looking at wardrobe of our favorite actress, we can find their dresses into following styles:

First, Lace Dresses

Lace prom dresses with denim coat; you are cool girls at once;

lace prom dresses

Second, Little Black Dresses

Little black dresses are the Iconic of Audrey Hepburn, and it is the classic dresses on every woman’s wardrobe.

Fashion trends change time by time, but little black dress always keeps its elegance.

little black dresses

Third, Floral Print Dresses

Floral dresses can be fresh, ethnic and cute from short to long length.

floral print dresses


Fashion Prom Dress Trends Lace Prom Dresses

When talking about prom, the spotlight is a perfect prom dresses for girls, charming and personality. It is the reason why girls spend much time on preparing the dresses to attract eyesight. Lace is always loved by women, if you are looking for your prom dress now, take lace prom dress into your consideration, it is fuzzy and girly.

beautiful lace prom dress

First, try white lace dresses, cute and pure formal dress.

beautiful white lace prom dresses uk

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white lace prom dressesBesides white lace prom dresses, you still have more other choices:

Romantic green lace prom dresses;

Romantic Green Lace Prom Dresses

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Cute and sweet pink lace prom dresses;

cute girly pink lace prom dress

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The wildness and capture eyes black lace prom dresses;

Cool black lace prom dresses uk

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Tips: If your prom dress is black lace dress, a hand lace chain, which will increase mental aura.

black lace jewery

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How To Choose Prom Dresses For Large Size Girl

If your body is in large size, then a full chest prom dresses will do big help, it will make look slimmer and body curve vivid. Find more gorgeous prom dresses to perfect your body shape, go to my website:

full chest long prom dresses

Choose a prom dress with little train will create hourglass body shape.

long prom dress with sweep train

A-line prom dresses can easily hiding your big hips.With light fabric, you will look like 10KG slimmer.

A-line Chiffon prom dresses

If you are a full size girl, then it will be bad to choose braces skirt and fitted clipping dress; they will overrate your top body. The Saviour is a full hemline to balance top and bottom body, together with a designed neckline, a belt and one shoulder. Decorate shoulder with Lace Prom Dress is also a clever method.

full hemline decorated prom dresses

The drape on corset or a cross design on the breast will weaken your breast line.

Bias-cut gown is good of full size girl.

pleated bust prom dresses


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2014 Prom Dresses Trends

Summary from what young celebrities like Selena Gomez, Chloe Moretz, Vanessa Gomez, and Carly Rae Jepsen wear to events such as award ceremonies and premieres, some of the most notable trends are Peplum, Lace used in dramatic ways, Neon hues, High-low, Stretch jersey with strappy backs or cut-outs, Pastels and High slit.

1.    Peplum

In the last few seasons, Peplum formal dresses become popular, it can be found at any occasion, its price also range from cheap to expensive. We will see that Peplum will make its way into prom dresses this year. They are flattering on any figure.

Peplum Prom Dresses

Different Peplum Prom Dresses

2.  Lace used in dramatic ways

The noticeable trend is that lace is coming back, it is used as a prominent and striking feature on dresses such as lace necklines. Lace is feminine; usually make a feeling of princess and belle of the ball.

lace prom dresses

3. Neon Hues into prom dresses

Neon hued trend is becoming more and more popular not only in high fashion street style but also in the field of party dresses. This year trend is the brighter the better.

Neon Hues prom dresses

4. High-low style dresses

High low styles means innovation, a underskirt with print or an elegant train, it is an ideal prom dresses style choice for fun and flirty.

Kinds of high-low prom dresses

Kinds of high-low prom dresses

5. Stretch jersey with strappy backs or cut-out back

stretch jersey with strappy backs or cut-out back

stretch jersey with strappy backs or cut-out back

6. Pastels

We can easily find pastels show up in red carpet, especially pale mint green and light pastel pink.

Pastels color Prom Dress

Pastels color Prom Dress

7.  High Slit

black and white high slit prom gown

black and white high slit prom gown

high slit prom dresses

high slit prom dresses