Which Winter Bridesmaid Dresses Color is More Stylish for Wedding?

Having a dazzling winter wedding and you are considering which color of winter bridesmaid dresses will be more stylish for winter wedding?

First, congratulations! Winter wedding can be romantic and magical when a bare and snowy landscape serves as your backdrop. What can be more glamorous than a wonderland winter wedding party?

glamorous winter wedding

Forget about pastels, the soft pastels of summer wedding, they are a bit too light for festival winter wedding. Winter means drama, scarlet, burgundies, emerald (jewel tones and metallic tone) blue tones offer you really special ways to stand out.     The key to winter bridesmaid style is vibrant color paired with pops of neutrals, in other words, like eggplant dresses and ivory bouquets and so on.

winter bridesmaid dresses

Burgundy Bridesmaid Dresses KSP444/ Emerald Bridesmaid Dresses KSP287/ Scarlet Bridesmaid Dresses KSP353

Second, recommend colors of winter bridesmaid dresses for winter wedding party:

With bare and snow-dusted outdoors, a touch of color combination is unexpectedly and beautiful and really stand out: Ice blue, navy blue and dark blue, ivory and cream and Graphite. Mismatched bridesmaid dresses allow you the option to choose a dress to suit each girl perfectly or you could choose greens or shades of grey, through to black – the list are almost endless!

Silver is a natural choice for cold month wedding while the glimmer of sequin or beaded winter bridesmaid dress in color of navy, black give off great wintertime vibes. If you think black a bit somber, change it with midnight blue, a sophisticated and glamorous shade.

bridesmaid dresses for winter

Silver Bridesmaid Dresses Mermaid KSP263/ Navy Bridesmaid Dresses with Lace Cap Sleeves KSP363

Eye-catching red color bridesmaid dresses inspired by natural winter decoration berries

Bright scarlet dress in a variety of long and short style, suit both blondes and dark hair and complexions, and will brightening up winter afternoon.

eye-catching red bridesmaid dresses

One Shoulder Red Bridesmaid Dresses KSP281/ Short Red Bridesmaid Dresses KSP430/ Long Red Bridesmaid Dress KSP475

White, dress your girls in white, ivory or cream like Kate Middleton, these color bridesmaid dresses suits most complexions; though conventional wisdom claims no one at a wedding can wear white except the bride. Avoiding toneless, add an accent color with shoes, sashes, jewelry even bouquet.

white bridesmaid dresses

Plus Size White Bridesmaid Dress KSP424/ Cream Lace Bridesmaid Dresses KSP256/ Floral White Bridesmaid Dress KSP232

A bit of sparkle and shine brings holiday cheer to a winter wedding.


Sparkle Sequin V-neck Bridesmaid Dress KSP457/ Sequin Sheath Bridesmaid Dresses KSP476

In one word frosty palette color, jewel tones of any shade, eye-catching red and sparkle embellishment can catch the light. To winter wedding party, keep bridesmaids comfortable and warm as well as beautiful are very important. Accessorizing them with fur wraps and muffs, make sure to choose neutral color to keep the whole look sophisticated. There are plenty of winter bridesmaid dresses for late December to March wedding at kissprom.co.uk whether you are looking for sequin-encrusted dresses of lace dresses with cap sleeves.


They All Beautiful with Red Prom Dresses

New spring, want a new fresh look for the 2017 prom season, then red prom dresses is very necessary. Both all red or partial red will make you stand out from the crowd and it does really fashion.

red prom dresses

Speak of exceedingly fascinating and charming, what spring to my mind is Kate Winslet worn ALL RED LOOK in the movie<The Dressmaker>. All boys on the ground were charmed with her.

Kate Winslet in red dresses

Red color is the color for every girl, no matter what your skin color is, you can wear All Red same as Kate Winslet too. Compare to other color prom dresses, red prom dress is never bear to stick with a received idea; it is noble and makes your skin tone better.

red dresses for girls

Dakota Johnson always the spotlight on the occasion party with red dresses, so gorgeous!

Dakota Johnson in red dresses

Red prom dresses with wide straps, red prom dresses with off the shoulder straps and red prom dresses strapless, Kissprom.co.uk collected types of red prom dress for your 2017 prom party.


If you are an understated girl, that’s OK, try red details, a pair of red heels, a chic delicate bag, even red lips.

red details for party beautiful red lips


Slight Chubby Girls Dress Ideas

Like me, build micro-fat body girls who always admire fitted body shape, but have no courage to lose weight, it is so terrible. I am preferred to look more beautiful with some useful dressing tips.

1. To girls who have podgy upper body, especially girls with fat arms, prom dresses with off the shoulder neckline or puff sleeves are better choice than others.
prom dresses for fat arms girls

Click here to order this off the shoulder long red prom dresses KSP277
2. To girls who have plump lower body, think about different length of prom dresses. If you have fat thigh but slim shank, choose prom dresses around knee length; choose ankle length or full length prom dress;

prom dresses for fat thigh girls

Order Vintage Short Mint Prom Dresses KSP244/ Cute One Shoulder Short Pink Prom KSP388
prom dresses for fat lower girls

Order Long Mint Prom Dresses KSP171/ Jeweled Halter Long Prom Dresses KSP270
3. Umbrella prom dresses with high heels, you look slimmer and taller.

umbrella prom dresses

Order Short Pink Umbrella Prom Dresses KSP278/ Short Lace Red Umbrella Prom Dresses KSP430
4. To girls who build micro-fat all body shape, with light color of upper and deep color of lower to aim ocular skinny.

two colors prom dresses for fat girls                                    Order Blush and Chocolate Prom Dresses KSP429/ White and Wine Short Prom Dresses KSP282

You don’t need to think about plus size prom dresses, just do with these tips, you are a well fitted girl too.


Blue Prom Dresses

Prom party is an exciting social time for seniors and juniors. To girls prom is most likely the occasion that a girl will truly feel like an adult woman for the first time. And at same time it can also be one of the most stressful; you are probably wondering if there are any guidelines to follow for choosing dresses for prom, we recommend blue prom dresses that you can be confident in and go into prom, here are some beautiful prom dresses blue keep in mind for your prom:

Dark Navy Off the shoulder long maxi prom dresses KSP246:

dark navy off the shoulder long maxi prom dresses KSP246

Sparking Sequin Plunging Neckline Long Blue prom dresses KSP300:

sparkle sequin plunging neckline long blue prom dresses KSP300

Amazing Beaded Neckline Long Ruched Prom Dresses Blue KSP341:

beaded neckline ruched long prom dresses blue KSP341

Jeweled Illusion Sweetheart Short Blue Prom Dresses KSP347:

cute jeweled illusion sweetheart short blue prom dresses

Cute semi-formal Dark Blue Short Skater Party Dresses KSP328:

cute dark blue short skater party dress KSP328

Gorgeous Long Mermaid Blue Formal Prom Dresses KSP400:

blue mermaid blue prom dresses long KSP341

Can’t wait for prom? Nevertheless, always make sure to research your school’s dress code policy for prom before you begin shopping for a gown. And of course, when in doubt, always talk to mom or dad.


Dresses Inspiration of Crystal Wedding

Wanna a wedding full of glitz and sparkle? Crystal as wedding theme is the perfect, the crystal reflects light, sparkle and shine!

glitz and sparkle crystal wedding


A fairy tale feel will carry through the wedding decoration, centerpieces, table setting and favors.

crystal wedding decoration

Except these detailed things, you shoulder consider the dresses for bride and bridesmaids first.

dresses UK for crystal wedding

About crystal themed wedding dresses, you can choose simple wedding dresses with a gorgeous crystal veils and crystal accessories or a fancy crystal wedding dresses.


gorgeous crystal wedding dressesbeautiful wedding accessories

About bridesmaid dresses, colors like white, icy blue, silver and chocolate brown can be taken into your consideration.

bridesmaid dresses UK for crystal wedding

Click for the Short Brown Bridesmaid DressWhite High Low Bridesmaid Dress



Short and Sweet Dresses Spotlight- Little White Dresses

LBD is always-appropriate dress for any special occasion so it is the necessary in every women’s closet. But thinking is it too dark and hot wear in summertime? A little white dress is way more versatile for spring, summer, autumn and winter, especially for summer season.

little black dress and little white dress

Are you thinking that little white dresses is too simple to a glam look? We can get answers from what celebrities wear on the red carpet.

little white dresses runways

celebrities in little white dresses

If worn in right way, little white dresses will look fabulously too, a favorite for both day wear and evening reception wear.

little white dress for causal and formal occasion

In general, the darker you are in skin tone, the darker shade of white will best suit you, meanwhile pale skin shades will look best in bright white shades.

little white palette dresses

If you want to make more of a statement, match up your little white dress with some bright colors: reds, blues, or pinks.

add statement to your little white dresses

Add some sparkle glamorous silver and gold accessories for a more modern look.

little white dresses with golden accessory

Pair up your little white dress with some black for more of a classy and sophisticated outfit.

little white dresses with black accessories

Other great way to make statement is to match patterns with your little white dress .

match little white dresses with patterns

LWD is perfect for Prom Party, Graduation Party, Homecoming Party,Romantic Rendezvous,Day Party Time, Cocktail Hour, Beach Babe and rehearsal dinner;there are countless options on the market that will match everyone’s personal taste and style. Find your fresh frock with the LWD to channel your girlish charm for a sweet-yet-sophisticated look.

white little dresses on kissprom

Click for the Left Little White Dress   /    Right Little White Dress


2015 Prom Dresses Style Guessing

2014 prom season is mostly over now; it is time to prepare for 2015 prom season now. Let’s guess what style 2015 prom dresses UK will be inspired by the designer and celebrities on the red carpet from 2010 to 2014.

2010 prom dresses trend

The prom dresses trend of 2010 inspired from designers and Red Carpet celebrities is combination of Hollywood and individual self personality. It focuses on glamour with dazzling details, vivacious color to shine you as a young adult on your night. lafemma and sherril hill 2010 prom dresses alyce and jovani 2010 prom dresses

2011 prom dresses trends

High low hemline dress, print prom dresses, ruffled, sequin and rhinestones are the dominant characters of 2011. seuqin and rhinestones prom dresses 2011 uk high low and print prom dress uk

2012 prom dresses trends

2012 prom dresses trend is all about diversity, the tradition prom dress style is still in, high low dresses trend is bigger than last year, Low V-neck and princess style prom dresses are also in fashion trend of 2012. 2012 prom dresses uk style trends 2012 prom dresses uk

2013 prom dresses trends

Full sequin gowns, ombre and coral color prom dresses playing important roles of 2013 prom dresses trends. sequin and coral prom dresses uk 2013 ombre and coral prom dresses uk 2013 It is time to 2014. The main trends of 2014 prom dresses are the decoration of lace and embroidery and illusion style. Color trend of prom dresses 2014 is fluorescence colour. fluorescence colour prom dresses 2014 uk lace and illusion 2014 prom dresses uk Now let’s image designers’ prom dresses style of 2015: Sequin takes part an important role in every year. It wills not exception this year. Lace embroidery came back fashionable in this year representation of feminist; it will still take a place of the 2015 prom trends. The tradition style with sweetheart, strapless will never get out of fashion. And we believe that these genius dress designer will create more gorgeous style to help to steal the spotlight on the special night. 2015 prom dresses UK Anyway, fashion trend changed with times going, the only one thing that never change is your preference, just confidence and choose a perfect one dress, even a simple one, you are fashionable. Our website collected hundreds of thousands of style prom dresses according the fashion trends,Click for the Cheap Fashionable Prom Dresses UK


Wedding Trends – Special Back Design Details of Bridesmaid Dresses 2014

When we look to buy any form of clothing we always focus on the front and the poor back design often gets over looked. As a designer I can tell you that it’s sometimes easy to do, you are so preoccupied with the front that the back simply just gets neglected. Another reason for this is also due to price, designers are often encouraged by buyers to leave the back empty as we never look at this when browsing the shops so why would we make the garment more expensive if it’s not going to be seen?

Special Design Off Shoulder Bridesmaid Dress

Well this year things are set to change as the fronts get simplified and time and money is ready to be spent on the back design. We have seen many top designer bridal gowns in past years, but now the maids have their turn to shine too! Here are some of our favorite and most imaginative designs on the market right now!


bridesmaid dresses with heart  back


Bridesmaid Dresses with Pretty Back Designs

convertible bridesmaid dresses

special back design of bridesmaid dresses

special back design of bridesmaid dresses

special back of bridesmaid dress



Click for this vintage pink v back bridesmaid dress

Teal  bow knot halter high low bridesmaid dressesClick for this halter high low bridesmaid dress


The Top 5 Most Fabulous Bridesmaid Dress Trends for Fall 2014

We are almost certain that brides set to wed this fall are now starting to look frantically in shops, scouring the internet for deals and getting a wee bit giddy about how their best ladies are going to look on her big day! It’s a huge job for the bride and chief bridesmaid and that’s exactly why we are here to help you choose the right dresses! Not only can we point you in the right direction but we can also give you the dress you want, made to the perfect fit! Do ensure sure you make the most of our free consultation service for those all-important bridesmaid needs.

fabulous 2014 fall bridesmaid dresses

1. White and Ivory Bridesmaid Dresses

A continuing trend, white and ivory will still be hanging around this fall!

white and Ivory Bridesmaid Dresses

2. Belts-Bridesmaid Dresses with Sash

Make sure you accessorize long and short dresses with a little belt; they are a great tool for dressing up a casual dress too!

bridesmaid dresses with belt

3. Delicate Overlays

Brides have been paying homage to this elegant look for a while now and it’s time for the bridesmaids to jump on this gorgeous trend too.

overlay Bridesmaid Dresses

4. Skinny Straps

We see them all over the runways this year and we are set to see them walking down the aisle this fall.

Skinny Straps Bridesmaid Dresses

5. One Shouldered Bridesmaid Dress

Another trend to see the test of time and we are so pleased to still see them around. Choose from a range of style from thin straps, to a ruffled capped sleeve and pretty scalloped edges.

One Shoulder Bridesmaid DressesClick our Long Bridesmaid Dresses and Short Bridesmaid Dresses to choose a perfect for best bridesmaids.



How to Reuse Your Prom Dresses

It is prom season now, have you got your prom dresses yet? And after prom, it comes with so many parties girls need to dress up—Thanksgiving and Christmas party, New Year’s Eve, so it will be full of funny to think about reusing your prom dress.

2014 prom dresses uk


Following are some useful tips we collect about reuse your prom dress:

Revive It: You can change the long prom dress to short Halloween dress, sewing sleeves for the strapless dress with lace or other different material.

reuse the short wedding dresses by addling sleeves

reuse the long dress by cutting downWith the help of vest or shoes, the same dress can be wear different feeling.

two feeling of one dress with velvet and shoes

DIY the bottom of your floor-length gown to a maxi dress, and top of the gown could be a Top with the accessories on the dress.

DIY your long prom dress to Maxi dress reuse the bottom of prom dress reuse the top of your prom dresses

Donate it, there are many organizations accept prom dress donations. It will be very magic that a girl with the same body shape as you go to the prom with the same dress you worn to your prom party, we call this fate.

donate the prom dress to the deserve one

There is on sale campaign on our website. If you are looking for a prom dress, please click Kissprom to choose a perfect one. When choosing, please take into consideration that how to reuse it in future.

Have Fun : )


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