How to Use Your Last Year Dance Dress

There is no much time for you to choose your perfect school dance dress or your parents just tell that you are in a tight budget, It is not so sad, you can reuse your last year dance dress creatively!

clever reuse party dress again and again

There are a number of simple, cheap and easy ways to dress up your last year dance dress making it look new, no one will even know that you’re in last year’s number:

reuselast yeas dance dress with some jacket

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Choose different styles hair style and make up different feeling, like cute and vintage;

use different hairstyle and make up to reuse the dress

The same use a headpiece, jewelry, a statement necklace or bracelets or the tried-and-true method of adding a glam belt to customize the dress to get different feeling;

reuse the dress by jewelry

Buy gorgeous party shoes to get eyesight out of the dress;

gorgeous party shoes

Change the dress style from plain to sparkle by sew or glue gorgeous applique, beading, and sequin onto your dress; you will look like an entirely different frock;

customize dres with appliqué, beadings, and sequin

You can shorten it, add sleeves or straps, change neckline, or create a cutout too;

shoten the dress for a new one

Dying the dress into different color or ombre color, it is more expensive but cheaper than shopping a new party dress.

dye the dress to different color

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If you don’t have any ideas of how to customize it, then look at photos of your dream dress for inspiration, get creative.

gorgeous sherri hill prom dresses


How to Reuse Your Prom Dresses

It is prom season now, have you got your prom dresses yet? And after prom, it comes with so many parties girls need to dress up—Thanksgiving and Christmas party, New Year’s Eve, so it will be full of funny to think about reusing your prom dress.

2014 prom dresses uk


Following are some useful tips we collect about reuse your prom dress:

Revive It: You can change the long prom dress to short Halloween dress, sewing sleeves for the strapless dress with lace or other different material.

reuse the short wedding dresses by addling sleeves

reuse the long dress by cutting downWith the help of vest or shoes, the same dress can be wear different feeling.

two feeling of one dress with velvet and shoes

DIY the bottom of your floor-length gown to a maxi dress, and top of the gown could be a Top with the accessories on the dress.

DIY your long prom dress to Maxi dress reuse the bottom of prom dress reuse the top of your prom dresses

Donate it, there are many organizations accept prom dress donations. It will be very magic that a girl with the same body shape as you go to the prom with the same dress you worn to your prom party, we call this fate.

donate the prom dress to the deserve one

There is on sale campaign on our website. If you are looking for a prom dress, please click Kissprom to choose a perfect one. When choosing, please take into consideration that how to reuse it in future.

Have Fun : )