Beauty Tips for Graduation

You need to look beautiful from start of graduation party to the very end, even for the after party. Here are ultimate tips for graduation party from makeup tricks, getting dresses to fit and dance with heels.

Perfect make up tips: Glam than usual and last longer through photos, dinner, dance;

Before you sweep on your shadow, prep your lids with some eyelid primer to keep your color in place;

Mist your face with a makeup setting spray after eyes, lip and face are done to settle the make up onto your face;

Last freeze your face for about 20 seconds; it will help your makeup to last longer than usual.

Tips of getting dresses fitting: get your graduation dresses custom made with your own size, go over every seam on your dress; Choose a dress with sew in bust-shaper for in case that you don’t quite fill out the bust and there’s no way you can use a bra; or get yourself some nipple covers to protect you from getting hurt or unwanted headlights;
A seamless body-shaper underneath graduation dress is very useful to cover bulge and make your body look much curve.

Tips for beauty feet, it not only need comfortable but also need catch attention, not everybody are good at wearing sky-high heels and dancing on a hard floor for hours let alone new shoes for the party. Gel pads and heel protector are savior for you to stop you from getting nasty blisters.

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