Chinese Style Bridesmaid Dresses

Red is usually the well-received wedding color in China. The idea that people especially the female should wear red clothes has deeply rooted in people’s mind. To begin with, red bridesmaid dresses  is the safest color.

red chinese style wedding dresses

But now, it seems that red is not the only choice nowadays; Young loves challenges, more and more color slink into the wedding.

Gold bridesmaid dresses – Gold usually regarded as royal color, stands for grace and nobility, it goes well to match brides’ golden wedding dresses.

chinese bridesmaid dresses in gold color

Royal blue bridesmaid dresses It is more innovative and well-accepted; No matter what color the bride’s  wedding dresses is, white, pink or red, royal blue is a suitable color to match.

royal blue chinese bridesmaid dressesChinese style bridesmaid dresses in blue


Along with a beautiful and noble bride, the gorgeous bridesmaids are also the magic weapon for the wedding.

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