Which Winter Bridesmaid Dresses Color is More Stylish for Wedding?

Having a dazzling winter wedding and you are considering which color of winter bridesmaid dresses will be more stylish for winter wedding?

First, congratulations! Winter wedding can be romantic and magical when a bare and snowy landscape serves as your backdrop. What can be more glamorous than a wonderland winter wedding party?

glamorous winter wedding

Forget about pastels, the soft pastels of summer wedding, they are a bit too light for festival winter wedding. Winter means drama, scarlet, burgundies, emerald (jewel tones and metallic tone) blue tones offer you really special ways to stand out.     The key to winter bridesmaid style is vibrant color paired with pops of neutrals, in other words, like eggplant dresses and ivory bouquets and so on.

winter bridesmaid dresses

Burgundy Bridesmaid Dresses KSP444/ Emerald Bridesmaid Dresses KSP287/ Scarlet Bridesmaid Dresses KSP353

Second, recommend colors of winter bridesmaid dresses for winter wedding party:

With bare and snow-dusted outdoors, a touch of color combination is unexpectedly and beautiful and really stand out: Ice blue, navy blue and dark blue, ivory and cream and Graphite. Mismatched bridesmaid dresses allow you the option to choose a dress to suit each girl perfectly or you could choose greens or shades of grey, through to black – the list are almost endless!

Silver is a natural choice for cold month wedding while the glimmer of sequin or beaded winter bridesmaid dress in color of navy, black give off great wintertime vibes. If you think black a bit somber, change it with midnight blue, a sophisticated and glamorous shade.

bridesmaid dresses for winter

Silver Bridesmaid Dresses Mermaid KSP263/ Navy Bridesmaid Dresses with Lace Cap Sleeves KSP363

Eye-catching red color bridesmaid dresses inspired by natural winter decoration berries

Bright scarlet dress in a variety of long and short style, suit both blondes and dark hair and complexions, and will brightening up winter afternoon.

eye-catching red bridesmaid dresses

One Shoulder Red Bridesmaid Dresses KSP281/ Short Red Bridesmaid Dresses KSP430/ Long Red Bridesmaid Dress KSP475

White, dress your girls in white, ivory or cream like Kate Middleton, these color bridesmaid dresses suits most complexions; though conventional wisdom claims no one at a wedding can wear white except the bride. Avoiding toneless, add an accent color with shoes, sashes, jewelry even bouquet.

white bridesmaid dresses

Plus Size White Bridesmaid Dress KSP424/ Cream Lace Bridesmaid Dresses KSP256/ Floral White Bridesmaid Dress KSP232

A bit of sparkle and shine brings holiday cheer to a winter wedding.


Sparkle Sequin V-neck Bridesmaid Dress KSP457/ Sequin Sheath Bridesmaid Dresses KSP476

In one word frosty palette color, jewel tones of any shade, eye-catching red and sparkle embellishment can catch the light. To winter wedding party, keep bridesmaids comfortable and warm as well as beautiful are very important. Accessorizing them with fur wraps and muffs, make sure to choose neutral color to keep the whole look sophisticated. There are plenty of winter bridesmaid dresses for late December to March wedding at kissprom.co.uk whether you are looking for sequin-encrusted dresses of lace dresses with cap sleeves.


Bridesmaid Dresses Collection for 2014-2015 Winter Wedding

There are so many unique motifs on winter that can be incorporate into your winter wedding to have a special unique big day, such as the snowflakes, the frost and bare branches sparkle with frozen crystalline droplets, everything looks pure and romantic just like love.

winter wedding ideas

But there is one thing we can’t ignore, the cold temperature. So when it comes to choose bridesmaid dresses for winter wedding, we generate some useful advice by visiting some wedding planner. Please enjoy and get inspiration for your winter wedding.

bridesmaid dresses uk for winter wedding

First, length

Choose full length dresses for your girls will be very good ideas, the more material the warmer on winter;

full length bridesmaid dresses uk for winter wedding

Click for the Blue Satin Long Bridesmaid Dresses

Second, material

Heavier fabric like taffeta, satin and organza, they can keep the chill away but at same time they also can stylish;

heavier material bridesmaid dresses uk for winter wedding

Click for the Black Long Taffeta Trumpet Bridesmaid Dresses

Then, colors

Black and white, black and silver, navy blue are the classic color for formal winter wedding; a bright pop of red make your wedding look seriously festive; Besides, deep jewel-toned dress looks stunning at winter wedding party. And Metallic shades like platinum and rose gold are becoming more popular for winter wedding;

classic winter bridesmaid dresses color

Click for the Classic White and Black Bridesmaid Dress

red color bridesmaid dresses uk for winter wedding

platinum and golden bridesmaid dresses

The most important of winter wedding is keeping warmer. A fur and a mini warmer will add some sparkles to your special day.

fur and mini hand warmer for winter wedding


Dress Ideas of Camp Wedding

Camp wedding is a great way to get all of your loved ones together with fun activities, relax and happy memories.

funny camp wedding

It can be hold at park, woodland, lake and beach. Anyway, the most important thing of a camp wedding is that incorporate the nature into your wedding decoration and take advantage of the nature avenue as spotlight of your wedding.

nature decoration of camping wedding

There are so many blogs about how to decorate camp wedding online that you can get inspiration. I am sure your camping wedding will be creative and unique.

creative details of camp wedding

As professional party dress maker, our focus of camp wedding is how to dress perfect for camping wedding party, especially the brides and bridesmaids.

dresses for camp wedding party

Camp wedding party is a semi formal or causal party, so brides can dress themselves more comfortable.

wedding dresses for camp wedding

causal wedding dresses for camping wedding

Bridesmaid dresses color can set the wedding party tone except wedding decoration;As mentioned, the spotlight of camp wedding is the nature sights, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t have your own wedding color.

bridesmaid dresses for camp weding

Forest green dresses for spring, summer and fall camp wedding;

forest green bridesmaid dresses uk

Mint green and blue for spring and summer camp wedding;

bridesmaid dresses for spring and summer camp wedding

Pastel color

pastel color bridesmaid dress UK for camping wedding

Neutral color

neutral color bridesmaid dresses for camping wedding

comfortable lace bridesmaid dresses UK on kissprom

Click for the Short Lace Bridesmaid Dress


2014 Hottest Bridesmaid Dress Colors and Trends

Are you ready to pick the perfect dresses for your bridesmaids? What’s the hottest style in the 2014 and what’s the best choice for your own? Vintage lace or flowing chiffon, peach orange or mint green, classic floor length or pretty knee length, or illusion Necklines? So 2015 spring is so gorgeous for you and your girls to be shining when you choose your favorite ones. Let’s go and check the best 2014 Bridesmaid Dress Colors and Trends.

real wedding lavender  bridesmaid dresses

Number 1: Lace Bridesmaid Dresses

lace bridesmaid dresses

short vintage lace bridesmaid dresses

                         Click for this vintage short lace bridesmaid dress 

Number 2: Illusion Necklines

illusion bridesmaid dresses

short illusion navy blue bridesmaid dresses                                                                        Click for this short illusion bridesmaid dress

Number 3: Ombre Styles

ombre bridesmaid dresses

Number 4: Pleated V-neck Bridesmaid Dresses

V-neck long bridesmaid dresses

Deep V-neck long bridesmaid dresses

Click for this long deep v-neck bridesmaid dress

Number 5: Peach orange bridesmaid dresses

peach and orange bridesmaid dresses

peach short bridesmaid dresses

Click for this peach short bridesmaid dresses

Number 6: Mint Green Bridesmaid Dresses

mint green bridesmaid dresses

short mint bridesmaid dresses

Click for this simple mint short bridesmaid dress

Number 7: Blush Bridesmaid Dresses

blush color bridesmaid dresses

blush lace short bridesmaid dresses

Click for this Sexy key hole back short lace bridesmaid dress

Number 8: Gray Bridesmaid Dresses

grey color wedding partylong grey bridesmaid dresses

Click for this cap sleeves twist long bridesmaid dress



Chinese Style Bridesmaid Dresses

Red is usually the well-received wedding color in China. The idea that people especially the female should wear red clothes has deeply rooted in people’s mind. To begin with, red bridesmaid dresses  is the safest color.

red chinese style wedding dresses

But now, it seems that red is not the only choice nowadays; Young loves challenges, more and more color slink into the wedding.

Gold bridesmaid dresses – Gold usually regarded as royal color, stands for grace and nobility, it goes well to match brides’ golden wedding dresses.

chinese bridesmaid dresses in gold color

Royal blue bridesmaid dresses It is more innovative and well-accepted; No matter what color the bride’s  wedding dresses is, white, pink or red, royal blue is a suitable color to match.

royal blue chinese bridesmaid dressesChinese style bridesmaid dresses in blue


Along with a beautiful and noble bride, the gorgeous bridesmaids are also the magic weapon for the wedding.

Click Long Bridesmaid Dresses and Short Bridesmaid Dresses to choose a perfect style for your wedding and enjoy Kissprom high quality custom service in color,size and dress details.


The Top 5 Most Fabulous Bridesmaid Dress Trends for Fall 2014

We are almost certain that brides set to wed this fall are now starting to look frantically in shops, scouring the internet for deals and getting a wee bit giddy about how their best ladies are going to look on her big day! It’s a huge job for the bride and chief bridesmaid and that’s exactly why we are here to help you choose the right dresses! Not only can we point you in the right direction but we can also give you the dress you want, made to the perfect fit! Do ensure sure you make the most of our free consultation service for those all-important bridesmaid needs.

fabulous 2014 fall bridesmaid dresses

1. White and Ivory Bridesmaid Dresses

A continuing trend, white and ivory will still be hanging around this fall!

white and Ivory Bridesmaid Dresses

2. Belts-Bridesmaid Dresses with Sash

Make sure you accessorize long and short dresses with a little belt; they are a great tool for dressing up a casual dress too!

bridesmaid dresses with belt

3. Delicate Overlays

Brides have been paying homage to this elegant look for a while now and it’s time for the bridesmaids to jump on this gorgeous trend too.

overlay Bridesmaid Dresses

4. Skinny Straps

We see them all over the runways this year and we are set to see them walking down the aisle this fall.

Skinny Straps Bridesmaid Dresses

5. One Shouldered Bridesmaid Dress

Another trend to see the test of time and we are so pleased to still see them around. Choose from a range of style from thin straps, to a ruffled capped sleeve and pretty scalloped edges.

One Shoulder Bridesmaid DressesClick our Long Bridesmaid Dresses and Short Bridesmaid Dresses to choose a perfect for best bridesmaids.