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V-neck Prom Dresses and V-neck Pumps

V-neck prom dresses are very popular, it perfect neck ratio, but if everybody love it then how to stand you out from crowed. The answer is a pair of matched v-neck pumps that favorite this season; it is elegant in vintage style.

v-neck prom dress and v-neck pumps

  KSP288/ KSP255/ KSP256

It is transfer from Glove shoes popular last season, Alexa Chung, Victoria Beckham, Sienna Miller all wear this v-neck pumps; Besides that on Top shop Unique 2017, Stella McCartney 2017, CÉLINE 2016 fashion show v-neck pumps are the protagonist.

fashionistas wear v-neck pumps

v-neck pumps on fashion show

Wear v-neck pumps, you are the lordly and mysterious witch from medieval, and your legs will look longer than usual. With an empire waist prom dresses, you are the girl who has beautiful long legs on the prom party.

V-neck pumps with high waist prom dresses

KSP364/ KSP404


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Amazing Nail-Painting for Prom Dresses

You will get your favorite prom dresses at kissprom and also get inspirations of matched nail-painting.

For pink prom dresses:

nail painting for pink prom dresses

pastel pink prom dresses KSP364


For red prom dresses:

nail art for red prom dresses

red prom dresses long KSP277

 For black prom dresses:

cool black nail painting for black prom dresses


black mermaid prom dresses KSP400

For green prom dresses:

nail painting for green prom dresses

green prom dresses short KSP131

For gray prom dresses:

nail painting for gray prom dresses

long lace grey prom dresses KSP304

For purple prom dresses:

nail art for puprle prom dresses

Purple one shoulder long prom dresses KSP338


2017 New Fashion Trends- Pearl Decorated

From Reem Acra Bridal SS 2017 we can find large pearl was embroidered on the lace and gauze; Bride is so noble and dazzling like the jewel on dark night with these pearl decorated wedding dresses.

Reem Acra Bridal SS 2017 wedding dresses

pearled lace wedding dresses 2017

We prepare some matched bridesmaid dresses decorated with Pearl too for you, check it now.

pearl bridesmaid dresses at kissprom

      Short pearl lace bridesmaid dress/ short pink applique bridesmaid dress/ pastel pink pearl long bridesmaid dress


Oversized Earrings for Prom Dresses

big earrings on fashion week

big earrings for strapless prom dresses

big earrings for strapless prom dressesbig earrings for prom dresses with straps

oversized earrings for prom dresses with strapsbig earrings for one shoulder prom dresses

big earrings for one shoulder prom dressesoversized earrings for high neck prom dresses

big earrings for high neck prom dresses


Greenery Color of 2017

On 8th of December 2016, Pantone announced that the year of 2017 is Greenery. A fresh color with viable.

greenery color of 2017 year


Think about colors of the past few years: Radiant Orchid of 2014, noble and charming; Marsala color for the year 2015, it is very popular every winter, mature and showy; and Serenity, Rose Quatz is colors of 2016 year together. Now turn to year 2017, it is very different, it is color full of relax and happy, healing soul. It is from nature, calm us down and find ourselves.

color of the year 2014-2017


It seems that greenery color is not friendly to our wardrobe; it is very difficult to harness. If you think so, then time take your notebook out now.

Let’s start with fashion icon, how they dress greenery color:

And get inspiration from T-station show, Chanel, Valentino, Loewe, Céline, Louis Vuitton, Max Mara and coach.

fashion icon in greenery

greenery color on fashion t-station show

greenery color trends from fashion show


Now you get how to match greenery color?

Greenery and black, an easiest and the safest way, especially to who have difficult at choose.


Shop the Short Green Party Dresses for Women KSP294 Online

Greenery and white, white is same as black, it is safe, difference is white color is lightness and fresh, good mood up and up, you are like crisp wind from mountain stream.

green prom dresses and white high heels

Shop High Illusion Sweetheart Long Green Prom Dresses KSP311

Greenery and blue, you don’t afraid that you will be too lively in greenery, blue color will cut down this feeling, instead of peaceful.


Shop Green Prom Dresses Long KSP306/ Blue Prom Dresses Long KSP246

Following this trends, and shops yourself a green prom dresses, high heels, bags or jewelry now, with the matching inspiration; you will be the most shine one on the party.


Top Five Dresses Color of This Summer

Everybody, Good morning! Good afternoon! Good night!

The days are getting hotter now, how awkward sweaty. Are you wearing your dresses now? We will talk about the top five fashion color trends of this summer dresses.

Turquoise   Azure blue, ocean blue and turquoise dresses have magic making people calm; wearing a long flowing turquoise dresses you can be a fashion blogger too.

turquoise color dress

White- elegance   Simple style prevail, white color everywhere; People prefer to wear white loose pants or white shoes. Of course a white long dresses, and white dress and beach are good match.

summer white dresses

 Red   Gules color dress in flowing material, bring youthful vigor like Sun, not hot on summer day.

red color dresses

Black-Classic Black   Black color is the color never wrong match color, from casual wear to formal occasion dresses,  black play important role to create women’s charming sexy.

black color dresses

Geometry pattern   No matter splice print, floral print or arrow print, every style are popular, you will cut your finger at the street style matching with pure color jewelry or shoes.

geometry print dresses

And same to our prom dresses and bridesmaid dresses:

prom dresses 2016


Two Easy Updo Hairstyle for Prom and Homecoming Party

A beautiful dress for prom and homecoming party is very necessary to sparkle yourself on the party; besides a perfect hairstyle is important too. Perfect hairstyles for prom are elegant and beautiful updos that could show off the beauty curve of the neck.

beautiful updo haiestyles

Following are the tutorial of 2 easy updos for prom party:

2 easy elegant updos hairstyle for prom

First, simple stylish, stand out your delicate face and nice looking

easy twist updo for prom party

Second, fashion and elegant

fashion and elegant updo hairstyle for homecoming

Click for the Black and White Short Graduation Dress


Choose Necklace According Neckline of Prom Dresses

Want to your prom party at your best, except a gorgeous fitted prom dresses, you also need jewelry to make yourself even better.

choose necklace for prom dresses

Now let’s start talking about how to choose necklace according the neckline of your prom dress:

Turtleneck prom dresses: choose long chains or pendants;

turtleneck prom dresses with long chains

Click for Turtleneck prom dress KSP328


Crew neckline prom dresses: Bib or collar is the better choice;

crew prom dresses with collar neckline

Click for Crew neckline prom dress KSP269


Scoop neck prom dresses: consider shorter pendants with volume;

scoop neckline prom dresses with shorter pendants with volume

Click for Scoop Neck Prom Dress KSP252


Strapless prom dresses: Choker will make you better and better;

strapless prom dress with choker

Click for Strapless Green Prom Dress KSP339


Square neck prom dresses: Angular pendants are nice to have;

square prom dresses with angular pendants

Click for Blush Square Neck Prom Dress KSP297

Off shoulder prom dresses: Asymmetric necklace will add brilliant to your present splendor;

off shoulder prom dresses with asymetric necklace

Click for Red Off Shoulder Prom Dress KSP277

Halter neckline prom dresses: Consider slim pendants;

halter prom dresses with slim pendants

Click for Teal Halter Prom Dress KSP073

V neck prom dress: take V shaped pendants into consideration;

V neck prom dresses with V shaped pendants

Click for V neck Prom Dress KSP006


Collar cocktail dresses: ask short pendants for help;

collar prom dresses with short pendants

Click for Collar neck Prom Dress KSP010

Boat neck prom party dress: Long beads necklace is wise choice;

boat neck prom dresses with long beads neckolace

Click for Boat neck Prom Dress KSP174

Cowl formal prom dress: dress up with feature earring;

cowl prom dresses with feature earring

Click for Cowl neck Prom Dress KSP253

Sweetheart prom dresses: Curved beads or pendants are nice to have.

sweetheart prom dresses with curved beads

Click for Pink Sweetheart Prom Dresses KSP115


The Ideas of Pairing Blue Prom Dresses

When hearing the news of taking part in party, everybody has a beating heart.As known, girls want to be the most dazzling one on the party, so before the party, they will spent much time on choosing and pairing dresses to show their elegant behavior.

girls dress up for party

Various colors have different secrets; in my heart, blue symbolizes noble and peace. Blue prom dresses give people the feeling of deep and profound and attracts others’ attention.

long prom dresses uk blue prom dresses 2015 uk

Click for the long blue prom dresses KSP290

Girl who wearing long blue dresses looks very charming; or she can wear blue short skirt, cute and personal.

2015 blue short prom dresses uk short high low blue prom dresses uk

Click for the high low blue prom dress KSP048

What handbag can you take when you wear blue prom dress? Black or silver handbag is suitable. Meanwhile blue color handbag is also a good choice.

handbags for blue prom dresses

About the necklace, it is the more simple, the better.

necklace for blue prom dresses uk

Wearing a pair of comfortable and easy shoes will give you extra points.

beautiful high heel shoes for blue prom dresses

Don’t forget to smile to everyone. And that day, you are the best. Enjoy your party time in your best!

More choice of popular blue prom dresses for party on Kissprom.

2015 blue prom dresses uk on Kissprom



How to Match Black Prom Dresses

Black is a strong color, it is sexy, confident and timeless. It suits most skin tones and it’s flattering on all body types. Black prom dresses can be in all different styles, it will not only look gorgeous on every girl, and they will make her feel more sophisticated.

black prom dresses uk

They are very easy to match, you can pair black prom dresses with almost any color of accessories provided that do not clash with the color of your shoes like anything from bright bold accessories or bold jewels to simple diamonds or elegant silver or gold.

easy to match black prom dresses uk

Black prom dresses can look plain without at least a few accessories;

You can wear simple earrings or necklaces or you can be more adventurous and wear elaborate accessories. You would look great with dangling earrings or a big cocktail ring and bracelet.

accessories of matching black prom dresses uk

Add some extra drama with your makeup;

Go with black Smokey eye and nude lips or with neutral eye makeup and bright red lips.

make up for black prom dresses

Stunning got-up well nails are necessary when it comes to a prom;

You can also layer sheer metallic with a dark crème for a cool affect. Or, wear intense flashes of color to accessorize!


Corsage doesn’t need to be the same exact shade, try to make sure that the corsage and boutonniere match each other;

corsage of black prom dresses uk

Any color of shoes can also be paired with black prom dresses, basic colors like black, beige, silver or brown or brightly fashion colored shoes;

shoes for black prom dress uk

black prom dresses and shoes

A normal tuxedo with a black tie or bow tie should the guy wear;

normal tuxedo for black prom dresses uk

Black is the most versatile color in fashion, almost every woman has a black dress in her closet, so order your Black Prom Dress today!

black prom dresses uk on kissprom

Click for the Left/ Middle/ Right


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