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Global fashion- Bohemian Style Come Back

As a plurality of fashion, Bohemian style is loved by fashionista. Its spirit of freedom is cater to the unfettered life that people yearn for today.

bohemian style dresses

Essence of Bohemian is romantic, concealed rebel and unruly for the nomads. You will be so sexy when causal partly showed your shoulder; it will be full of romantic with hand knot fringe; it is inevitable to conquer people.

romantic bohemian style dresses

Bohemia style represents romantic, folk custom, and freedom, it is also artistic, a fashion trends, and an untraditional lifestyle. Hand knot, embroidery and beading, layered lace, Battick dyeing, leathery fringe all the elements of bohemian style.

folk custom bohemian dresses romanci and freedom bohemian dresses

We love Bohemian, and here is bohemian style prom dresses on

bohemian prom dresses

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Fashion Icon all wear Slash Neck This Summer

It is warm now and fashion icons can’t wait to show off their beautiful fashion inspirations. The most attractive body part is the shoulder; your right sexy will be showed perfect with a slash neck dress.

vintage chic slash neckline

Slash neck dress is the representative of1950s. Reveal a delicate collarbone and shoulder, skinner and make an impression.

Drop your strapless dresses now, a slash neckline dress will make you sexy and savvy, and more modern women feeling.

slash neckline on red carpet

The beautiful style of celebrities with slash neckline dress on the red carpet.

slash neckline on red carpet

Also learn from street style how to wear slash neckline dresses: a slash neckline with more sense of design will make you more different, like cross design on the chest, fitted top or lotus sleeves. Except sexy, slash neck can also cover fat arms.

street style

slash neckline street style

slash neckline dress fashion show

It will be more chic to wear slash neckline dress in sideway, to be a lazy fashion girl.


Shop a slash neckline prom dresses here.


Blue Prom Dresses

Prom party is an exciting social time for seniors and juniors. To girls prom is most likely the occasion that a girl will truly feel like an adult woman for the first time. And at same time it can also be one of the most stressful; you are probably wondering if there are any guidelines to follow for choosing dresses for prom, we recommend blue prom dresses that you can be confident in and go into prom, here are some beautiful prom dresses blue keep in mind for your prom:

Dark Navy Off the shoulder long maxi prom dresses KSP246:

dark navy off the shoulder long maxi prom dresses KSP246

Sparking Sequin Plunging Neckline Long Blue prom dresses KSP300:

sparkle sequin plunging neckline long blue prom dresses KSP300

Amazing Beaded Neckline Long Ruched Prom Dresses Blue KSP341:

beaded neckline ruched long prom dresses blue KSP341

Jeweled Illusion Sweetheart Short Blue Prom Dresses KSP347:

cute jeweled illusion sweetheart short blue prom dresses

Cute semi-formal Dark Blue Short Skater Party Dresses KSP328:

cute dark blue short skater party dress KSP328

Gorgeous Long Mermaid Blue Formal Prom Dresses KSP400:

blue mermaid blue prom dresses long KSP341

Can’t wait for prom? Nevertheless, always make sure to research your school’s dress code policy for prom before you begin shopping for a gown. And of course, when in doubt, always talk to mom or dad.


2016 Color Trends- Purple Prom Dresses

The most popular color trends of 2016 is purple that we can find everywhere on street snap, fashion blogs, runway show. It’s the inspiration of our 2016 prom party if you are looking for the color ideas for your prom dresses.


Here we collect some amazing purple prom dresses for you, let’s find one for you together:

sparkle light purple sequin straps short graduation dress KSP321

Sequin burgundy sequin long empire prom dresses 2016 KSP319

retro pocket midlength purple prom dresses 2016 KSP357

pretty sweetheart pleated long lilac prom dresses KSP171

pastel purple one shoulder long prom dresses 2016 KSP338

glitter keyhole long sequin purple prom dresses 2016

exquisite jeweled lace one shoulder long purple prom dresses 2016 ksp393

cute strapless purple bow knot short prom party dresses 2016 ksp381

cute strapless bow knot short lavender prom dress 2016 KSP326

cute sequin one shoulder short purple prom dresses 2016 ksp406

cute lavender ruffled short graduation dresses ksp295

amazing high illusion sweetheart long purple prom gown KSP269

sparkle sweetheart beaded swirl long purple prom dresses KSP285