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2015 New Color Trends- Burgundy Prom Dress

Burgundy, 2015 new fashion trends, it is loved by celebrities, and it is very popular on the red carpet.

blake lively in burgundy dresses

burgundy celebrity dress

Burgundy also popular in prom dress field, let’s see the beautiful burgundy prom dresses kissprom prepared for you to the 2015 prom season:

sweetheart sequin burgundy prom dresses uk

Click for the KSP319/ KSP213

Long burgundy prom dresses uk

Click for the KSP060/ KSP159

beautiful chiffon burgundy prom dresses 2015

Click for the KSP274/ KSP179

gorgeous burgundy formal prom dresses 2015

Click for the KSP105/ KSP103

You will look elegance and charming on the party with burgundy prom dresses, you will be the Goddess easily.

burgundy dresses 2015


Choose Necklace According Neckline of Prom Dresses

Want to your prom party at your best, except a gorgeous fitted prom dresses, you also need jewelry to make yourself even better.

choose necklace for prom dresses

Now let’s start talking about how to choose necklace according the neckline of your prom dress:

Turtleneck prom dresses: choose long chains or pendants;

turtleneck prom dresses with long chains

Click for Turtleneck prom dress KSP328


Crew neckline prom dresses: Bib or collar is the better choice;

crew prom dresses with collar neckline

Click for Crew neckline prom dress KSP269


Scoop neck prom dresses: consider shorter pendants with volume;

scoop neckline prom dresses with shorter pendants with volume

Click for Scoop Neck Prom Dress KSP252


Strapless prom dresses: Choker will make you better and better;

strapless prom dress with choker

Click for Strapless Green Prom Dress KSP339


Square neck prom dresses: Angular pendants are nice to have;

square prom dresses with angular pendants

Click for Blush Square Neck Prom Dress KSP297

Off shoulder prom dresses: Asymmetric necklace will add brilliant to your present splendor;

off shoulder prom dresses with asymetric necklace

Click for Red Off Shoulder Prom Dress KSP277

Halter neckline prom dresses: Consider slim pendants;

halter prom dresses with slim pendants

Click for Teal Halter Prom Dress KSP073

V neck prom dress: take V shaped pendants into consideration;

V neck prom dresses with V shaped pendants

Click for V neck Prom Dress KSP006


Collar cocktail dresses: ask short pendants for help;

collar prom dresses with short pendants

Click for Collar neck Prom Dress KSP010

Boat neck prom party dress: Long beads necklace is wise choice;

boat neck prom dresses with long beads neckolace

Click for Boat neck Prom Dress KSP174

Cowl formal prom dress: dress up with feature earring;

cowl prom dresses with feature earring

Click for Cowl neck Prom Dress KSP253

Sweetheart prom dresses: Curved beads or pendants are nice to have.

sweetheart prom dresses with curved beads

Click for Pink Sweetheart Prom Dresses KSP115


Lavender Bridesmaid Dresses for Every Season

Lavender is not only a beautiful color but also symbolize the romance, Lavender will be never fade. Lavender bridesmaid dresses is good choice for every season wedding.

lavender bridesmaid dresses uk


Bridesmaids can choose the long lavender bridesmaid dresses or short. Beautiful flowers and shoes can be used.

long lavender sweetheart bridesmaid dresses uk

high heels and flowers for pairing lavender bridesmaid dresses

Click for the Long Lavender Bridesmaid Dresses KSP107

lavender short strapless bridesmaid dresses uk

high heels and flowers for pairing lavender bridesmaid dresses

Click for the Short Tulle Lavender Bridesmaid Gowns KSP326


In summer, short dress is a good choice. the bridesmaid can wear white high-heeled shoes. There will be a simple flower Bouquet or a small Flower Basket in her hand.

halter short lavender bridesmaid dresses ukhigh heels and flowers for pairing lavender bridesmaid dresses

short lavender bridesmaid dresses uk

high heels and flowers for pairing lavender bridesmaid dresses

Click for the Short Lavender Bridesmaid Dresses KSP140

Autumn and Winter

In autumn and winter, worm is very important. Long dress and cappa is a good friend.

strapless long bridesmaid dresses uk with lace waistline

Click for the long lace Lavender Bridesmaid Dress KSP150

white warm cape for winter wedding party

lavender long bridesmaid dresses uk with wide straps

Click for the long wide straps Lavender Bridesmaid Dress KSP144

cappa for winter bridesmaid dresses


The Ideas of Pairing Blue Prom Dresses

When hearing the news of taking part in party, everybody has a beating heart.As known, girls want to be the most dazzling one on the party, so before the party, they will spent much time on choosing and pairing dresses to show their elegant behavior.

girls dress up for party

Various colors have different secrets; in my heart, blue symbolizes noble and peace. Blue prom dresses give people the feeling of deep and profound and attracts others’ attention.

long prom dresses uk blue prom dresses 2015 uk

Click for the long blue prom dresses KSP290

Girl who wearing long blue dresses looks very charming; or she can wear blue short skirt, cute and personal.

2015 blue short prom dresses uk short high low blue prom dresses uk

Click for the high low blue prom dress KSP048

What handbag can you take when you wear blue prom dress? Black or silver handbag is suitable. Meanwhile blue color handbag is also a good choice.

handbags for blue prom dresses

About the necklace, it is the more simple, the better.

necklace for blue prom dresses uk

Wearing a pair of comfortable and easy shoes will give you extra points.

beautiful high heel shoes for blue prom dresses

Don’t forget to smile to everyone. And that day, you are the best. Enjoy your party time in your best!

More choice of popular blue prom dresses for party on Kissprom.

2015 blue prom dresses uk on Kissprom



When Frozen Meet Cheongsam

When Frozen meet cheongsam, when Elsa Anna wear Chinese tradition dress cheongsam, what will happen? Let’s witness the magic now together.

frozen Elsa Ann


So amazing and unbelievable, so gorgeous! You won’t believe your eyes.

the magic of Frozen meet Cheogsam frozen in pink Cheongsam frozen in Cheongsam frozen in blue cheongsam when frozen met chinese cheongsam

You are looking your prom dress for 2015 prom party; choose from our 2015 prom dresses collection:



How to Match Black Prom Dresses

Black is a strong color, it is sexy, confident and timeless. It suits most skin tones and it’s flattering on all body types. Black prom dresses can be in all different styles, it will not only look gorgeous on every girl, and they will make her feel more sophisticated.

black prom dresses uk

They are very easy to match, you can pair black prom dresses with almost any color of accessories provided that do not clash with the color of your shoes like anything from bright bold accessories or bold jewels to simple diamonds or elegant silver or gold.

easy to match black prom dresses uk

Black prom dresses can look plain without at least a few accessories;

You can wear simple earrings or necklaces or you can be more adventurous and wear elaborate accessories. You would look great with dangling earrings or a big cocktail ring and bracelet.

accessories of matching black prom dresses uk

Add some extra drama with your makeup;

Go with black Smokey eye and nude lips or with neutral eye makeup and bright red lips.

make up for black prom dresses

Stunning got-up well nails are necessary when it comes to a prom;

You can also layer sheer metallic with a dark crème for a cool affect. Or, wear intense flashes of color to accessorize!


Corsage doesn’t need to be the same exact shade, try to make sure that the corsage and boutonniere match each other;

corsage of black prom dresses uk

Any color of shoes can also be paired with black prom dresses, basic colors like black, beige, silver or brown or brightly fashion colored shoes;

shoes for black prom dress uk

black prom dresses and shoes

A normal tuxedo with a black tie or bow tie should the guy wear;

normal tuxedo for black prom dresses uk

Black is the most versatile color in fashion, almost every woman has a black dress in her closet, so order your Black Prom Dress today!

black prom dresses uk on kissprom

Click for the Left/ Middle/ Right


Dresses collections of BBC Proms 2014

The World’s Greatest Classical Music Festival, BBC Proms 2014 from 18 July to 13 September hosted a summer season of daily orchestral classical music concerts in London at the Royal Albert Hall, Cadogan Hall and additional Proms in the Park events. More international ensembles performed than ever before, including orchestras from China, Lapland, Singapore, South Korea and Turkey.

BBC Proms 2014

As a professional prom dresser seller online, we not only concerned about the music but also we concerned what the artists worn on the stage.

dresses uk of BBC Proms 2014

Semi formal dresses

blue semi formal tank occasion dresses uk

Goddess prom dresses

goddess prom dresses uk

Simple and elegance prom dresses

simple and elegance prom dresses uk

Bodycon prom dresses


Exquisite prom dresses

Exquisite prom dresses uk

No matter what style prom dresses you are searching, formal or semi formal style prom dress, simple or exquisite prom dresses, you will find your favorite from our 2015 prom dresses collection.

prom dresses 2015 uk

Click for the 2015 Prom Dresses



Bridemaid Dresses Ideas of Purple and Teal Wedding Party

Purple and teal color are so fantastic color, they are so harmoniously. More and more brides fall in love with the two color combination on their wedding party; purple and teal wedding decorations, wedding cakes, bridesmaid dresses and wedding flowers and so on.

purple and teal bridesmaid dresses uk

Here are the dress inspirations of melting into the fantastic purple and teal color party:

decorated purple and teal wedding party with flowers and the purple bridesmaid dress

Click for the Floral Purple Bridesmaid Dress

mismatched short purple and teal bridesmaid dresses uk

Click for the Mismatched Short Bridesmaid Gown

satin purple long bridesmaid dresses uk for purple and teal wedding party

Click for the Long Purple Bridesmaid Dress

teal bridesmaid dresses ideas for purple and teal wedding party

Click for the Teal High Low Bridesmaid Dress

off shoulder teal bridesmaid dresses uk for purple and teal wedding

Click for the Teal Off Shoulder Short Bridesmaid Dress

mismatching purple bridesmaid dresses uk

Click for More Purple Bridesmaid Dresses

teal bridesmaid dresses uk

Click for more Teal Bridesmaid Dresses


Get Prom Dresses Ideas for 2015 Spring Prom Season

The 71st annual Venice Film Festival opened on 27 August. Let’s get inspiration for your 2015 prom dresses together from celebrities walked on the Red Carpet.

celebrities on 71st venice film festival red carpet

Jewel Tones: Emerald Green

If your skin tone is like Emma Stone, a emerald green prom dress should be your choice for your 2015 prom party;

jewel tone prom dresses uk

The soft sky blue Prom Dresses

sky blue celebrities dresses

sexy sky blue long prom dresses UK

Click for the Sexy Blue Open Back Prom Dresses

Open Back Dresses

open back celebrities dresses

sexy 2015 open back prom dresses uk

Click for the Sexy Dark Blue Open Back Prom Dress / Black Open Back Long Prom Dress

Architectural Structure Dress

architectural structure dresses on red carpet of 71st venice film festival

vintage short prom dresses uk

Click for the Golden Short Prom Gown


2015 Prom Dresses Color Trends inspired by 66th Emmys

The 66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards was held on Monday, August 25, 2014 at the Nokia Theatre in Downtown Los Angeles, California, and the best and worst dressed actresses on the Red Carpet already chosen by lot of fashion website, so it needn’t to repeat the topic here again.

66th Emmy Adwards Ceremony

What we want to talk is about the color inspirations of 2015 prom dresses we got from the 2014 new couture and 2015 holiday series worn by these charming celebrities.

Red, the same red color as the Red Carpet;

red celebrity dresses on 66th emmy adwards

red formal dresses uk

Click for the Red Off Shoulder Formal Dress

Pure White

white formal red carpet dress on 66th Emmy Adwards

white formal dresses uk

Click for the Irregular Sexy White Formal Dress

Royal Blue

blue formal dresses on 66TH Emmy Adwards red carpet

blue formal party dresses uk

Click for the Irregular Sexy White Formal Dress / Sexy Halter Illusion Party Dress

Soft Color

soft pink color red carpet dresses


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