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What Dress Should Freshman Wear to Homecoming

Homecoming in late September or October is coming now, as a fresh man do you know what dress to wear to homecoming party?

Homecoming is an annual tradition that usually semi-formal than prom, so don’t pick a dress like prom dresses, and the dress for parties is not appropriate. The Homecoming Dance—usually the culminating event of the week, it is important for girls to choose a right homecoming dress to the dance party;

First, length of the dress, short is better; it looks semi-formal and easy to dance on the pool;

Second, if you can’t decide color, consider little black dress; it will never let you down;

Third, if you want to stand out, choose bright color with nice silhouette;

Then, a floral one piece dress is good for homecoming party as freshman.

We Kissprom prepared large collection of short homecoming dresses for you, hope it help you sparkler than the Queen.

 Cute High Illusion Short Grad Dresses KSP328  mint ruched graduation dresses KSP267  Pink One Shoulder Graduation Dresses KSP325


Dresses Color to Avoid as Wedding Guest

When choose perfect dress for an upcoming wedding party, you should know that there are serve colors you should to avoid so that you don’t get mistaken for the bride, a bridesmaid or the third-wheel to the wedding party.

blue wedding guest dresses

Click for the Short High Illusion Wedding Guest Dress

First, obvious white color dress is not the dress you should take into consideration; for most of wedding dresses are white;

Second, any color close to white, like off-white, beige, champagne, cream, or any other super light color that could be mistaken for white when the lights are dim;

Third, the color of bridesmaid dresses, ask the bride ahead. That way, you won’t look like you’re trying to be a third-wheel to the wedding party and the bride would glad to tell you.

And avoiding wear glitter sparkle wedding guest dress to a wedding party, because the day is bride’s big day, all eyes should be on the bride not you

So go ahead abandon any dresses that are one of these four colors to be a welcome wedding party guest. Anyway it doesn’t mean you can’t wear beautiful wedding guest dress to the wedding party, simple and elegant dress will be your choice to the wedding party.

short wedding guest dresses

Click for the KSP175/ KSP178/ KSP267


Two Easy Updo Hairstyle for Prom and Homecoming Party

A beautiful dress for prom and homecoming party is very necessary to sparkle yourself on the party; besides a perfect hairstyle is important too. Perfect hairstyles for prom are elegant and beautiful updos that could show off the beauty curve of the neck.

beautiful updo haiestyles

Following are the tutorial of 2 easy updos for prom party:

2 easy elegant updos hairstyle for prom

First, simple stylish, stand out your delicate face and nice looking

easy twist updo for prom party

Second, fashion and elegant

fashion and elegant updo hairstyle for homecoming

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Gorgeous Quinceanera Dresses for Girls

Searching for the best but Cheap Quinceanera Dresses? Kissprom has a large variety of full Quinceanera dresses and gowns for 2015 and 2016. In our hearts; we know that quinceanera dress is more than just a big party. It is your moment, your passage not just into womanhood, but into a beautiful tradition of faith, independence and grace. When you go through quinceanera, you are a gem, a princess to the world for who you are inside and out. Our mission is to help you savor and feel spectacular in it, to give you a dress worthy of the responsibility and freedom you are taking on.

grey tulle quinceanera dress

sparkle bodice quinceanera dresses

Click for the KSP248/ KSP254

retro lace long mint quinceanera dress KSP272

Click for the Retro Lace Long Mint Quinceanera Dress

short quinceanera dresses

Click for the KSP237/ KSP326

retro ruffled princess quinceanera dresses

Click for the KSP105/ KSP117

cute black short quinceanera dress

Click for the Cute Black Lace Short Quinceanera Dress

Quinceanera is one of the most lavish and meaningful events in your life. Make the dress you wear special enough to match it. Choose a quinceanera dress from our collection and select the dress that will launch you into the next chapter of your life today.



Beauty Tips for Graduation

You need to look beautiful from start of graduation party to the very end, even for the after party. Here are ultimate tips for graduation party from makeup tricks, getting dresses to fit and dance with heels.

Perfect make up tips: Glam than usual and last longer through photos, dinner, dance;

Before you sweep on your shadow, prep your lids with some eyelid primer to keep your color in place;

Mist your face with a makeup setting spray after eyes, lip and face are done to settle the make up onto your face;

Last freeze your face for about 20 seconds; it will help your makeup to last longer than usual.

Tips of getting dresses fitting: get your graduation dresses custom made with your own size, go over every seam on your dress; Choose a dress with sew in bust-shaper for in case that you don’t quite fill out the bust and there’s no way you can use a bra; or get yourself some nipple covers to protect you from getting hurt or unwanted headlights;
A seamless body-shaper underneath graduation dress is very useful to cover bulge and make your body look much curve.

Tips for beauty feet, it not only need comfortable but also need catch attention, not everybody are good at wearing sky-high heels and dancing on a hard floor for hours let alone new shoes for the party. Gel pads and heel protector are savior for you to stop you from getting nasty blisters.

Custom made graduation dresses with built in bra on

beautiful graduation dresses UK on Kissprom

Click for the White Lace Short Graduation Dress / Dark Blue Short Graduation Dress


How to Look Five Pounds Thinner in Your Prom Dresses

You are wanted to look skinny, but you don’t want to on diet or don’t have time to take exercise. Don’t worry if you know some make up tips and wardrobe secret weapons, you will look five pounds thinner easily, and you will look awesome in your prom photos.

beautiful pink prom dresses uk

Click for the Pink and Gold Prom Dress

Start with makeup, we all know that make up can contour face to make cheekbones higher, it can do the same for body, contour and highlight around collarbone to stick it more, or create contour lines in your arms to define your biceps and triceps; if you don’t know how to do, there are some video online for you to learn.

slim girls

Get help from high heels, you will look a few extra inches high walking in high heels, your body will elongated and even out. Walking in high heels can emphasis your calf muscles and makes your butt look perkier. No matter your dress is short or long, you will look Skinner with high heels.

beautiful high heels

Try a body shaper or compression camisole to smooth out bulges that you don’t want, your body will look streamline, you will instantly slender without lifting a finger. 

Ensure fitted bra; it is very important to make sure your bra is the right size no matter you are a busty girls or not. Lifted bust will look more proportional and instantly Skinner with right size bra. If your breasts hand down low or your small size bra pushes fat in your back and your arms you will look heavier than you are.


Choose right dress silhouette can do wonders for your body shape. A-line dress with cinched waistline flared out over hips flatter to everybody type and creates an illusion of thinner body.

cute strapless A-line Cinched waist Short prom dresses

Click for the Strapless Short A-line Prom Dress

Wear just one color to avoid split up your body into different parts; a dress in one color will look streamline. Wearing statement necklace or a beautiful belt can avoid look boring. And dark color dresses will look slimmer, dark colors is easy to hide certain bulge.

dark blue color prom dresses uk

Click for the Dark Blue One Shoulder Prom Dress


Monique Lhuillier 2015 Bridesmaid Dresses Collection

From school uniform to wedding dress, I’ll always be there with you;

From young and naive girl to mature, I’d be love to bring you to the one;

Fall wedding, cool weather, beautiful sign, EVERYTHING is perfect for wedding, Monique Lhuillier beautiful 2015 bridesmaid dresses for you to choose for your fall wedding:

Cute Mesh Top Short Bridesmaid Dresses:

Monique Lhuillier cute short bridesmaid dresses with mesh top

Special Retro Design Short Bridesmaid Dresses with Pocket:

Monique Lhuillier pretty short bridesmaid gowns with pocket

Elegance Empire Waist A-line Long Bridesmaid Dresses:

Monique Lhuillier elegance empire waist long bridesmaid dresses

Pretty V-shaped Neckline Long Bridesmaid Dresses:

simple and elegance long bridesmaid dresses 2015

Cute Ruched Waistline Tulle Bridesmaid Dresses for curve girls:

Monique Lhuillier ruched waistline tulle bridesmaid dresses 2015

Simple and Elegance Long Bridesmaid Dresses 2015:

simple and elegance long bridesmaid dresses 2015


How to Use Your Last Year Dance Dress

There is no much time for you to choose your perfect school dance dress or your parents just tell that you are in a tight budget, It is not so sad, you can reuse your last year dance dress creatively!

clever reuse party dress again and again

There are a number of simple, cheap and easy ways to dress up your last year dance dress making it look new, no one will even know that you’re in last year’s number:

reuselast yeas dance dress with some jacket

Click for the Blue Short One Shoulder Party Dress

Choose different styles hair style and make up different feeling, like cute and vintage;

use different hairstyle and make up to reuse the dress

The same use a headpiece, jewelry, a statement necklace or bracelets or the tried-and-true method of adding a glam belt to customize the dress to get different feeling;

reuse the dress by jewelry

Buy gorgeous party shoes to get eyesight out of the dress;

gorgeous party shoes

Change the dress style from plain to sparkle by sew or glue gorgeous applique, beading, and sequin onto your dress; you will look like an entirely different frock;

customize dres with appliqué, beadings, and sequin

You can shorten it, add sleeves or straps, change neckline, or create a cutout too;

shoten the dress for a new one

Dying the dress into different color or ombre color, it is more expensive but cheaper than shopping a new party dress.

dye the dress to different color

Click for the Long Green Graduation Dress

If you don’t have any ideas of how to customize it, then look at photos of your dream dress for inspiration, get creative.

gorgeous sherri hill prom dresses


Fashion Prom Dress Trends Lace Prom Dresses

When talking about prom, the spotlight is a perfect prom dresses for girls, charming and personality. It is the reason why girls spend much time on preparing the dresses to attract eyesight. Lace is always loved by women, if you are looking for your prom dress now, take lace prom dress into your consideration, it is fuzzy and girly.

beautiful lace prom dress

First, try white lace dresses, cute and pure formal dress.

beautiful white lace prom dresses uk

Click for the KSP296/ KSP256

white lace prom dressesBesides white lace prom dresses, you still have more other choices:

Romantic green lace prom dresses;

Romantic Green Lace Prom Dresses

Click for the KSP269

Cute and sweet pink lace prom dresses;

cute girly pink lace prom dress

Click for the KSP348

The wildness and capture eyes black lace prom dresses;

Cool black lace prom dresses uk

Click for the KSP287/ KSP121

Tips: If your prom dress is black lace dress, a hand lace chain, which will increase mental aura.

black lace jewery

Now, choose your custom made lace prom dress for your prom party from our lace prom dresses collection.


2015 Prom Dresses for Modern Girls

Now is a modern society, people follow trends every day for every occasion. Beautiful girls always are the scenery line on the street. Well, for modern girls 2015 is a new year, new prom season, a new dress impression is needed.

modern girl street snap

First, choose a perfect prom dress for yourself that will give others a shock.

2015 white prom dresses uk unique white prom dress

These white prom dresses is elegance, pure and clean. Design of shoulder gives eyes a sexy visual enjoyment.

2015 green prom dresses uk

Click for the KSP294 / KSP306 / KSP131

The green prom dresses is wild and full of modern fashionable breath.

2015 sequin prom dresses uk pretty sequin prom dresses

If add sequins elements, the sequin prom dresses dazzle with brilliance.

Except dress, what can we decorate ourselves? From above down, we can take a personal hat; a pair of glasses, cool; a handbag where you can put some little items.

accessories for 2015 prom season

At last, keep smile all the time, let others admire you natural smile.

enjoy your prom party


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