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How to Wear Prom Dresses with Underwear

It will be very awkward when your underwear shown on prom party with prom dresses. And we can find there are lots of blogs talked about how to avoid this embarrassed. But we need is the most practical and cheaper methods.

To different style prom dresses, different method:

One Shoulder Prom Dresses:

It is very easy; long the straps of bra to the most, cross back to other side, and drop off another tape, now we are done, and it is very safety, wear your beautiful one shoulder prom dresses as a model.

how to wear bra for one shoulder prom dresses

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Halter Prom Dresses:

You don’t need specially to buy bra for halter prom dresses, just drop off one strap, and long other one to longest, then cross your neck to other side. But if you have big breasted, forget this, for in this way you will feel uncomfortable.

wear bra for halter prom dresses

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Open Back Prom Dresses:

With a magic prop: transfer straps, we can wear backless prom dresses beautiful and sexy, no awkward.

how to wear bra for open back prom dresses

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Off the Shoulder Prom Dresses:

Still with a transfer straps prop, fix bra perfect.

how to wear bra for off shoulder prom dresses

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And if you don’t have a transfer straps, try to use the straps of your old bra.


How to get 98% Second Glance with Prom Dresses

Just sexy not flattering, you can get 98% second glance on your prom party, do you know how to do?

Except reveal shoulder, show off long legs, there is still one body party to show off, it is your back. The charm of backless prom dresses is the moment turning, so breathtaking!

2017 prom dresses

You are the Figure killer.

And there are types of backless prom dresses for you to consider at

  1. Totally backless, which is most common backless prom dresses; Compare to low neckline or reveal shoulder, this sort backless prom dresses obscure sexy. And with a pair of nude color pumps or sandals, you will get longer legs high illusion backless prom dresses KSP311
  2. Open back with delicate straps prom dress is designed for girls who without sense of security, it also can show your beautiful back, and you don’t need to worry about anything unexpected accident.straps open back prom dresses
  3. Special shape cut out back, in middle of reveal or unrevealed, so cute and more interesting and attractive.special cut out back prom dresses

Wearing a necklace back to front will be your magic key to stand out through a crowd. As reference, check these famous stars on Red carpetwear necklace back to front

Is it more elegant and femininity with wearing necklace back to front matching backless prom dresses? But remember don’t make your bra showed also and back care is necessary too.


Do You Match Your Prom Dresses with Shoes Right?

According match shoes and pants, we conclude some useful principles, if you don’t know how to match your prom dresses and shoes, read serious.

match perfect pants and shoes

Matching shoes and prom dresses is knowledge full of skills. You will look more beautiful and more taste with perfect matching.

First of all we need to follow the principles of color matching:

Red, yellow, orange and some close colors are warm color, hot feeling; cyan, blue are cold color to make people feel cold; green and purple are in the middle. Choose warm color in winter, cold color Summer is the principle of choose color of dresses, then what skills to match perfect shoes color?
It is very helpful that choose same color tone color with our dresses; it will get better transition;

If you think it is very difficult to match color, here is an easy way: choose same color tone, never wrong; red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue and purple, closer better.

Check this color matching suggestion from professional:

  1. Red prom dresses with white, black, blue grey, beige and gray shoes;shoes color option for red prom dresses
  2. Yellow prom dresses with purple, blue, white, brown coffee and black high heels;yellow prom dresses matching shoes colors
  3. Green prom dresses with white, beige, dark purple, taupe and taupe brown color shoes;green prom dresses matched shoes colors
  4. Blue prom dresses, choose white, pastel blue, deep red, golden, silver, olive green, orange and yellow color heels;colors of shoes to match blue prom dresses
  5. Brown Coffee prom dresses matched with beige, light yellow, brick-red, Turquosice and black color shoes;shoes colors option for coffee prom dresses