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Avoid These Wrong Ideas When Choosing Dresses

Generally speaking we all want us looking slimier, taller and smaller waist. Do you believe that just one dress, all these will come true? Now follow me.

  • For Fat Girls:

If you are a fat girl want to look slimier, you should avoid these dresses:

  1. H style dresses, it will make you look like a bell;
  2. Complicated design dresses, it will swell you limitless;
  3. Thick cross stripes dresses, even if you are a thin girl, you’ll look 10 pound fat;
  4. Loose style dresses, with any shape, you will look curve less.dresses style avoid for fat girls 

    What to wear for fat girls:

    Pure color dresses with simple design dresses, company with v-neck, wrapped, belt and dark color, easy to look slimmer at once.

    A skirt dress with a belt is also good consideration.dresses for fat girls

  • Fat girls who have fat arms, back, waist and big chest, strapless dresses are the one must drop off. Instead off- the- shoulder dress will look better.         off the shoulder dresses for big arms girl

Except strapless, sleeveless, high neckline and weave dresses, all of them should not take into consideration. A dress with short sleeve in knee length, cover your fat arm, turn eye to your beautiful legs. A cloak dress, not only solve your problem, but also more fashion.

dresses for fat arm girls

For fat waist girls, H style dress in short length, cover waist, show sexy leg to catch eyesight. And if your boyfriend is tall enough, you can wear his skit as skirt dress directly.

dresses for fat waist girls

Also empire waist dresses, high waistline to the underneath of bust can hide fat belly and waist.

empire waist dresses for fat waist girl


Dark blue off the shoulder long maxi dresses KSP246

  • For fat bottom girls, it is easy to solve.

First of all, don’t wear mini pencil dresses; at least choose one with length longer than knee length or with side slit.

dresses for big hips girls

Pleated skirts are indeed for big hips girls. A long pleated dress with belt is declaimed to the world that you are a big hips girl.

pleated dresses for big hips girls

Strapless dresses with big bottoms or with side slit, and space cotton tank dresses with clearly sketch, show what you want to show and cover what you want to cover, fashion and slim whole body shape.

dresses for big hips girls

  • To skinny or small boned girls, some stylish dresses are needed to avoid, such as:

Dark color tight dress, it will make you look like you’ll be blown away by wind anytime;

Except tight dress, loose dresses are also need to avoid, there won’t any beauty;

dresses not for skinny girls

But slip dresses are designed for skinny girls; sketch dress with some accessory help will increase your sense of presence; jersey dresses emphasize your curve but not slim; stylish complicate dresses are also for small boned girls, for example white dress with hollow design.

dresses collection for skinny girls