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Two Prom Hairstyles Tutorial for Medium Hair

prom hairstyles for medium hair

Style 1:

Divide hair into top and bottom two parts according ears;

divide hair into top and bottom

Braid bottom hair from left to right; Divide top hair into three parts;

braid bottom hair from left to right

Loose top part hair with upside down method layer by layer; smooths the top one with air control.

loose top hair layer by layer

Twist left and right hair to the center and fix them together with clips;

twist left and right hair into center of the braid

Twist the end of hair into the twist, spray air control.

Twist the end of hair into the twis

Now we are done!

Style 2:

First, curly your hair first;

curly hair first

Divide hair into left, center and right, center pony into an updo;

divide hair into three parts

Braid left hair from top to down to onto the updo, fix it with clips;

Braid left hair from top to down to onto the updo

Right part is the same; and we are finished now.

braid right to the center


What Dress Should Freshman Wear to Homecoming

Homecoming in late September or October is coming now, as a fresh man do you know what dress to wear to homecoming party?

Homecoming is an annual tradition that usually semi-formal than prom, so don’t pick a dress like prom dresses, and the dress for parties is not appropriate. The Homecoming Dance—usually the culminating event of the week, it is important for girls to choose a right homecoming dress to the dance party;

First, length of the dress, short is better; it looks semi-formal and easy to dance on the pool;

Second, if you can’t decide color, consider little black dress; it will never let you down;

Third, if you want to stand out, choose bright color with nice silhouette;

Then, a floral one piece dress is good for homecoming party as freshman.

We Kissprom prepared large collection of short homecoming dresses for you, hope it help you sparkler than the Queen.

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DIY Retro Hairstyle for Halloween Party

Halloween is on its way now, Halloween party is waiting for you. It’s time to prepare everything now, a beautiful vintage Halloween party dress, matching shoes, retro hairstyles. Following is the tutorial of DIY retro hairstyle for medium length hair girls, it is easy but elegant, what you need is a vintage Hair band:

tutorial of retro halloween party hairstyle


vintage Halloween party dresses uk

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Cute Easy Prom Hairstyle for Girls

As we all know, prom party is a very important social occasion for students, everything need to perfect; perfect hairstyle, perfect make up, as well as prom dresses. And for some reason we don’t have enough money for all of this, we have many method to get cheap prom dresses, such as DIY a used prom dresses, shop it online, shop local store on sale, but do you know how to pay less and less money on hairstyle, the answer is you do it yourself at home. Today we will show you a cute easy prom hairstyle you can do it yourself at home:

cute easy prom hairstyle for girls


Dresses Color to Avoid as Wedding Guest

When choose perfect dress for an upcoming wedding party, you should know that there are serve colors you should to avoid so that you don’t get mistaken for the bride, a bridesmaid or the third-wheel to the wedding party.

blue wedding guest dresses

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First, obvious white color dress is not the dress you should take into consideration; for most of wedding dresses are white;

Second, any color close to white, like off-white, beige, champagne, cream, or any other super light color that could be mistaken for white when the lights are dim;

Third, the color of bridesmaid dresses, ask the bride ahead. That way, you won’t look like you’re trying to be a third-wheel to the wedding party and the bride would glad to tell you.

And avoiding wear glitter sparkle wedding guest dress to a wedding party, because the day is bride’s big day, all eyes should be on the bride not you

So go ahead abandon any dresses that are one of these four colors to be a welcome wedding party guest. Anyway it doesn’t mean you can’t wear beautiful wedding guest dress to the wedding party, simple and elegant dress will be your choice to the wedding party.

short wedding guest dresses

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Two Easy Updo Hairstyle for Prom and Homecoming Party

A beautiful dress for prom and homecoming party is very necessary to sparkle yourself on the party; besides a perfect hairstyle is important too. Perfect hairstyles for prom are elegant and beautiful updos that could show off the beauty curve of the neck.

beautiful updo haiestyles

Following are the tutorial of 2 easy updos for prom party:

2 easy elegant updos hairstyle for prom

First, simple stylish, stand out your delicate face and nice looking

easy twist updo for prom party

Second, fashion and elegant

fashion and elegant updo hairstyle for homecoming

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Choose Prom Dresses by Skin Tone

Skin colors include: white, black and yellow. If you are going to have grand prom party, you need to choose an amazing prom dress to sparkle your skin tone; following are the suggestions for you to decide the color of your prom dress:

For white skin girls, you can choose your prom dresses color by your favorite, not thinking much about it is good for the skin, for white skin tone is easy to match every color.

prom dresses for white skin tone girls

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For black skin tone girls, focus on the party and to be goddess, choose the color green, not deep green. It can make the shin full of gloss and looks healthy. Other choice is white dress.

prom dresses for black skin tone girls

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For yellow color skin tone girls, choose blue and pink color as your prom dresses colors, but not green color.

prom dresses for yellow skin tone girls

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Generally speaking, white color is the most versatile color of all skin tone; if you have Choice Phobia Disorder, just choose it, it can’t be wrong.

white prom dresses uk for girls

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Gorgeous Quinceanera Dresses for Girls

Searching for the best but Cheap Quinceanera Dresses? Kissprom has a large variety of full Quinceanera dresses and gowns for 2015 and 2016. In our hearts; we know that quinceanera dress is more than just a big party. It is your moment, your passage not just into womanhood, but into a beautiful tradition of faith, independence and grace. When you go through quinceanera, you are a gem, a princess to the world for who you are inside and out. Our mission is to help you savor and feel spectacular in it, to give you a dress worthy of the responsibility and freedom you are taking on.

grey tulle quinceanera dress

sparkle bodice quinceanera dresses

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short quinceanera dresses

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cute black short quinceanera dress

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Quinceanera is one of the most lavish and meaningful events in your life. Make the dress you wear special enough to match it. Choose a quinceanera dress from our collection and select the dress that will launch you into the next chapter of your life today.