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How to Pose for Photos on Prom Party| Kissprom

Already got your dreamy prom dresses or put a charming dress in your must-have list? Have you ever think you could look better and better with prom dresses on the prom party photos? A correct pose can do the favor.

prom party photo

Forget the ‘V-Yeah’ and ‘Thumbs Up’, there are some more beautiful and fashion poses when take photos. Don’t know how to pose; try to get inspirations from the most charm women on world who are familiar with how to express their best to camera that is the actress on the Red Carpet like Emmy Awards, Venice International Film Festival.

poses on Red Carpet

Akimbo Stand

No matter you are smile or not smile, tough rough Queen Style come out at once;

queen style hands on hips pose

One Hand on Hip

One of the most natural poses; it is between casual and formalist;

one hand in hip photo pose of actresses

Put Hands down Natural

Self-confident smiles is the key of this pose, you will look elegance and nonconceptual;

hands put down nature

Stand side to camera

This pose is very feminine; If you are very confident with your figure, then dare to show your beautiful curve of your back and arm to others on the party;

stand side to camera photo pose on the red carpet

Cool Creative “S”

If you are a personality girls and want some different, then try to use your imagination, you will be the spotlight in the photos.

creative S photo pose on red carpet

If there is nothing already in your Must-have list, go to check out our fashion 2014 prom dresses collection, you will find your dreamy one surely.


2014 prom dresses uk

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2015 Prom Dresses Color Trends inspired by 66th Emmys

The 66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards was held on Monday, August 25, 2014 at the Nokia Theatre in Downtown Los Angeles, California, and the best and worst dressed actresses on the Red Carpet already chosen by lot of fashion website, so it needn’t to repeat the topic here again.

66th Emmy Adwards Ceremony

What we want to talk is about the color inspirations of 2015 prom dresses we got from the 2014 new couture and 2015 holiday series worn by these charming celebrities.

Red, the same red color as the Red Carpet;

red celebrity dresses on 66th emmy adwards

red formal dresses uk

Click for the Red Off Shoulder Formal Dress

Pure White

white formal red carpet dress on 66th Emmy Adwards

white formal dresses uk

Click for the Irregular Sexy White Formal Dress

Royal Blue

blue formal dresses on 66TH Emmy Adwards red carpet

blue formal party dresses uk

Click for the Irregular Sexy White Formal Dress / Sexy Halter Illusion Party Dress

Soft Color

soft pink color red carpet dresses


Learn to dress yourself in Black Prom Dresses from celebrities

If you don’t know what to wear to prom, just remember these three magical letters: LBD (Long Black Dress, Little Black Dress). They come in all sorts of styles, confident, sophisticated, and sexy.

black formal dresses uk

Prom party is not usually party occur in our life, it may a hard to choose a perfect dress for it. Why not try to get inspirations from your favorite red carpet stars who are experts at being pretty and poised.

charming celebrities in black dresses uk

If you think black prom dresses might be “boring”—Check out the best dressed celebrities in black dress from mini dresses to vintage ball gowns for your spring’s biggest school dance! Dress yourself like a big Movie Star. Dark pieces, being made of lace or sheer with lots of various details like cutouts and beautiful patterns. A dress with a plunging neckline or opt for a dress with cut-outs for a more funky look.

funky look black formal dresses uk

black prom dresses uk

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Sometimes unexpected is the best way to stand out at prom party, And in a sea of bright pink chiffon and white sparkly satin, that may just mean choosing a black prom dress; black is pretty much best looking thing all girls can be wear.

black prom dresses uk to stand out at party

There is nothing more classic than little black dresses.

classic little black dresses uk

little black dresses uk

Click for the Little Black Dresses

Most important is to pick the black prom dress that fits and flatters you and makes you feel the most confident. And wear a big smile on your face—it’s the only accessory you need, if you pull it off with style and grace, like pick earring and necklace in black onyx, rhinestones or pearls set in gold or silver, you will wow everyone at the prom.

big smile for black prom dresses uk



Selective Dresses to Make You the Best- Dressed at Fall Wedding

Sent out the RSVP out, bought the gift already, next is decide how to dress yourself to the fall wedding party, this deserved much more time.

dresses uk for fall wedding

What to wear depends on the wedding you attend, so think first, is the wedding in the city or in the country? Is it formal, semi-formal or just causal nuptials? Is it a garden wedding or beach wedding or a black-tie fete in a ballroom?

different style dresses for fall wedding

Option of dresses to embrace the cool weather, picking flowing lightweight fabric in full length; Flower print dresses and bold color dresses are also become popular this year. Wraps are good friends to defend temperature difference.

selective dresses uk for fall wedding

Here comes our favorite collection for you to the upcoming wedding celebration party:


Heading to a city wedding, you need sleek, sophisticated, and fashion-forward attire like long slim column gown for a dressier wedding or off-the-shoulder mini for a semi-formal one. A fashion jumpsuit will be an amazing idea too;

dresses up for a city wedding

Click for the Red Sexy Off Shoulder Formal Dress

For Beach Nuptials, think effortless silhouettes in material of chiffon and lace or cotton. Don’t forget a eye-catching jewelry for twist;

dresses uk for beach wedding party

Click for the Cut Out Lace Short Party Dresses

A Garden Party calls for floral print or dress with sweet details like flirty ruffles or drop waist;

dresses uk for garden wedding

Click for the Ruffled Short Black Dresses

A Ballroom Fete which called black-tie wedding, elegance showed everywhere and every detail. A formal gown with special details will be the ideal choice. Consider chiffon formal dress to avoid sweat all over that is not connected with elegance: -)

formal dresses uk for ballroom fete

Click for the Left Black / Middle Red/ Right Peacock


Bridesmaid Dresses Collection for 2014-2015 Winter Wedding

There are so many unique motifs on winter that can be incorporate into your winter wedding to have a special unique big day, such as the snowflakes, the frost and bare branches sparkle with frozen crystalline droplets, everything looks pure and romantic just like love.

winter wedding ideas

But there is one thing we can’t ignore, the cold temperature. So when it comes to choose bridesmaid dresses for winter wedding, we generate some useful advice by visiting some wedding planner. Please enjoy and get inspiration for your winter wedding.

bridesmaid dresses uk for winter wedding

First, length

Choose full length dresses for your girls will be very good ideas, the more material the warmer on winter;

full length bridesmaid dresses uk for winter wedding

Click for the Blue Satin Long Bridesmaid Dresses

Second, material

Heavier fabric like taffeta, satin and organza, they can keep the chill away but at same time they also can stylish;

heavier material bridesmaid dresses uk for winter wedding

Click for the Black Long Taffeta Trumpet Bridesmaid Dresses

Then, colors

Black and white, black and silver, navy blue are the classic color for formal winter wedding; a bright pop of red make your wedding look seriously festive; Besides, deep jewel-toned dress looks stunning at winter wedding party. And Metallic shades like platinum and rose gold are becoming more popular for winter wedding;

classic winter bridesmaid dresses color

Click for the Classic White and Black Bridesmaid Dress

red color bridesmaid dresses uk for winter wedding

platinum and golden bridesmaid dresses

The most important of winter wedding is keeping warmer. A fur and a mini warmer will add some sparkles to your special day.

fur and mini hand warmer for winter wedding


Pastel Color Dresses collection on Kissprom

Pastel color becomes popular and popular, we can find it everywhere.

pastel party

Pastel color is sweet and girly, it seems to be a growing color trend of 2015; Pastel color dresses are sloe sassy, stylish, they also can be sexy too.

pastel color dress uk

Sweet pastel color palettes, mint green, girly pink, blush, light peach, smoky gray, lavender, light yellow and some fantastic neutral color are all the range. We prepared pastel color dresses here for you for every special occasion, such as wedding party, prom party and other formal or semi formal event.

Pastel short bridesmaid dresses

pastel short bridesmaid dresses uk

Pastel long bridesmaid dresses

long pastel bridesmaid dresses uk

Pastel mismatched dresses

pastel mismatched bridesmaid dresses uk

Pastel prom dresses

pastel prom dresses uk

Other Pastel special occasion dresses

pastel color special occasion dress uk


Gorgeous Infinity Dresses for Women

The infinity dress also known as the convertible wrap dress is the must have for a woman like the little black dresses. It is the dress can be day- into evening wardrobe by making twist or wraps.

the infinity convertible dresses

There are endless ways to wear an infinity dress, front twist, cap sleeves, strapless, halter, cold shoulder or draped halter. You can easily get new look every time, from formal to casual that suits for work, wedding party, out on the town for the weekend, cocktail or evening party.

black infinity dresses

endless ways to wear infinity dress

There’s your dress- Chic, Modern, Versatile, Enjoy, I love the creative ideas of convertible dress, how genius designer!!

creetive dress design convertible dress

When choose fabric, you need to look for a stretchy, jersey knit fabric that looks the same on both sides. It will look better when you do your wraps!

jersey infinity dresses

I love the versatility of the convertible dress. You can wear it to a wedding, out on the town, to the beach, or even to work.

special occasion infinity dresses




Successful Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses Wedding

As bridesmaids probably have various shapes and sizes, wise brides trend to choose mismatched bridesmaid dresses for her bridesmaids. And I am in love this perfect idea to let bridesmaids to choose their dress according to their taste, type of figure and budget and show off their personality, also as spices up the bridal party.

mismatched bridesmaid dresses

Mix & match not only styles but colors, fabrics, and even lengths; if you decide to follow this mismatched trend, your bridesmaids will very happier and think you are so thoughtful. There are tons of creative ideas to incorporate this trends into your wedding, what you need to do is make sure they still look like your team. Bouquets, accessories and colors are elements used to bring together bridal party look.

mismatched bridesmaids look like a team

Same color in different hues:

Set out the limitations of the length and material of the dresses. In this option, neutrals are the most fashion colors choice.

neutral color hue mismatched bridesmaid dresses mismatching bridesmaid dresses in same color palette

Same color in different styles:

It is great option that bridesmaids can choose their own style that most flattering to their figure.

mismatched bridesmaid dresses uk in same color and different styles mismatched bridesmaid dresses uk in same color different styles on Kissprom

Click for the Long Mismatched Bridesmaid Dress

Same/ Similar styles in different colors:

Brides pick up her favorite styles, bridesmaid choose their favorite color, it is amazing.

same styles in different color mismatched bridesmaid dresses uk mismatched short bridesmaid dresses uk on Kissprom

Click for the Short Mismatched Bridesmaid Dress

Same styles with mismatched statement accessories:

You have an unlimited amount of possibilities to play with this option, earrings, shoes, bouquets, necklaces and so on.

mismatched bridesmaid dresses uk with same styles and mismatched statement accessories


Free styles, different colors, different styles:

If you can’t decide on one style dress, and your BFF have good fashion taste, then free style is the choice, but don’t go too trendy! Keep it classic, elegant, with a touch of flair and you should be good to go.

mismatched bridesmaid dresses in free styles free style mismatched bridesmaid dresses uk


Dress Ideas of Camp Wedding

Camp wedding is a great way to get all of your loved ones together with fun activities, relax and happy memories.

funny camp wedding

It can be hold at park, woodland, lake and beach. Anyway, the most important thing of a camp wedding is that incorporate the nature into your wedding decoration and take advantage of the nature avenue as spotlight of your wedding.

nature decoration of camping wedding

There are so many blogs about how to decorate camp wedding online that you can get inspiration. I am sure your camping wedding will be creative and unique.

creative details of camp wedding

As professional party dress maker, our focus of camp wedding is how to dress perfect for camping wedding party, especially the brides and bridesmaids.

dresses for camp wedding party

Camp wedding party is a semi formal or causal party, so brides can dress themselves more comfortable.

wedding dresses for camp wedding

causal wedding dresses for camping wedding

Bridesmaid dresses color can set the wedding party tone except wedding decoration;As mentioned, the spotlight of camp wedding is the nature sights, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t have your own wedding color.

bridesmaid dresses for camp weding

Forest green dresses for spring, summer and fall camp wedding;

forest green bridesmaid dresses uk

Mint green and blue for spring and summer camp wedding;

bridesmaid dresses for spring and summer camp wedding

Pastel color

pastel color bridesmaid dress UK for camping wedding

Neutral color

neutral color bridesmaid dresses for camping wedding

comfortable lace bridesmaid dresses UK on kissprom

Click for the Short Lace Bridesmaid Dress