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Trends of 2014 Paris Haute Couture Week

The new 2014 Paris Haute Couture Week is passed now; when enjoying this visual feast, do you know how to dress yourself with fashion? Let’s look back this Haute Couture Week together.

Dolce & Gabbana Alta Moda 2014: an extravagant noble party

Dolce & Gabbana Alta Moda 2014 fashion show

Stéphane Rolland: Shadow

Stéphane Rolland beautiful Shadow

Elie Saab 2014: The Goddess dresses showing gorgeous color of sky changes in one day

Elie Saab 2014 fashion show

Vera Wang: Black and white wedding gowns

Vera Wang Black and white wedding gowns

Now it’s time to guess the trends of 2015 prom dresses and formal dresses:

The high slit to hip, but you can choose a high slit not hip slit dress, sexy and elegance if you are not so edgy.

high slit to hip dresses

sexy high slit prom dresses uk on kissprom

Click for the Sexy High Slit Formal Dress

The vintage gowns with architecture perspective

2015 vintage gowns with architecture perspective

Click for the Golden High Neck Vintage Dress

50s Attractive Tassels

50s Attractive Tassels

Exaggerated Bow Knot

Exaggerated Bow Knot decoration

The feminine pleats with creative design

feminine pleats with creative design

2015 elegance one shoulder pleated pron dresses uk


Host and Dress for Cocktail Party

A cocktail party is a popular informal social gathering party with relax atmosphere; Cocktail parties are great for entertaining friends or business associates, or a combination of the two. They’re easy to plan and glamorous yet relatively inexpensive.

cocktail parties

Typically a cocktail party lasts 2-3 hours, it can be host each season also with some special themes or just keep it simple, and differences are just food and drinks.

different cocktail party by seasons

A well-planned party is often an exciting blend of social mixer and night on the town. To host a cocktail party, you should confirm these first: the number of guest, drinks the primary focus (a full bar or a limited cocktail menu), food (variety of finger foods, light snacks) and party theme.

well planned cocktail party

Although cocktail party is informal and relax, but how can we lose a chance to show your charm and fashion sense no matter you are the hostess or the guests.

girls on cocktail parties

Christian Dior was the first to use the term “cocktail dress” in the late 1940s. Historically the length of a cocktail dress is long, often touching the ankle, but now a cocktail party dress is the short one around knee length.


Little Black Dress is the classic dress for cocktail party; in order to avoid bore, use some gorgeous accessories for the little black dresses;

little black dresses uk for cocktail party

Choose the same color tone for the dress as one of the drinks served at cocktail parties;

gorgeous dresses for cocktail partiesgorgeous dresses for cocktail parties

Click for the Peacock Cocktail Dress

Plus, for a pant person romper which causal and dressy at same time will be good choice.

romper for cocktail party



Dresses Inspiration of Crystal Wedding

Wanna a wedding full of glitz and sparkle? Crystal as wedding theme is the perfect, the crystal reflects light, sparkle and shine!

glitz and sparkle crystal wedding


A fairy tale feel will carry through the wedding decoration, centerpieces, table setting and favors.

crystal wedding decoration

Except these detailed things, you shoulder consider the dresses for bride and bridesmaids first.

dresses UK for crystal wedding

About crystal themed wedding dresses, you can choose simple wedding dresses with a gorgeous crystal veils and crystal accessories or a fancy crystal wedding dresses.


gorgeous crystal wedding dressesbeautiful wedding accessories

About bridesmaid dresses, colors like white, icy blue, silver and chocolate brown can be taken into your consideration.

bridesmaid dresses UK for crystal wedding

Click for the Short Brown Bridesmaid DressWhite High Low Bridesmaid Dress



Learn to Dress Yourself from Olivia Palermo

Olivia Palermo, this beautiful It Girl has her own style: Vintage Icon; and the capacity of matching accessories, with the help of delicate make up, she always show her elegance to people.

Olivia Palermo Vintage Style Icon

A few days ago, this It Girls got married with her handsome model boyfriend. The wedding dress she chose was a surprising sweater and skirt, not the tradition white wedding gown; it was so bold and successful.

Olivia Palermo causal wedding dress

She showed her special fashion insight to us again, let’s learn how to dress yourself from this charming woman (she is getting married, so we called her woman not girl:-P)

  1. How to Dress Little Black Dressedress little black dresses like Olivia Palermo

Click for the Right Bottom Little Black Dress

2. Fashion street snap dresses

dresses for street snap

3. Special Wedding Dresses

  • special style wedding dresses
  • Formal Dresses for Launch Partyformal dresses for launch party
  • Dress Floral Print Dressesdress yourself in floral print dress


Homecoming Dresses

Today when surfing online, I suddenly met a song “Homecoming” singed by Vienna teng, it remind me of the annual school homecoming.


Homecoming is on its way, what’s the theme of the spirit week? 80s day, toga day, roll out of bed day, cowboy day, nerd day, pirate day, Rat Pack Day, flannel Friday or What-not-to-wear Wednesday?

interesting homecoming theme


Except these clothing of the spirit week, the parade clothes in the color of your school, you also need to prepare dress for the homecoming party culminating event of the week on Saturday.

clothes wear during homecoming

On the homecoming, you may come with friends or date. If you come with your date, don’t forget the coordinate of both of your clothes.

pair dress with date for homecoming

Homecoming can be called fall prom, but it is more semi-formal than prom, girls love to wear knee length dresses instead of wearing a more formal gown; boys wear nice khaki slacks with white button shirt instead of tuxedos.

homecoming dresses uk

Ready to be the Queen of the party with your date? Hope one of these beautiful dresses is the one you wore when you are crowned.

homecoming dresses UK on Kissprom

Rainbow DressHigh Low Dress / Light Purple  Dress


How to dress for beach wedding party

Beach wedding is a very popular wedding theme as same as pool wedding and lake wedding. It is a good opportunity for you and your dearest friends and families to relax themselves with the cool breeze, soft sand, and beautiful sunset. It is so romantic to exchange vows on sand!

popular beach wedding

It’s time to kick heels off your feet and enjoy getting intimated with the soft sand, the cool waves and creative reception on a boat floating on the sea, place your rings on a colorful starfish and take a photo of silhouettes against the sunset.

interesting things of beach wedding party

There are so many funny on a beach wedding, but do you know how to dress yourself for a beach wedding?

dresses for beach wedding party

First, try to choose lightweight dresses like chiffon or georgette that will flow with the cool breeze; you will like elegance Grecian Goddess;

dresses for beach wedding parties

Second, about color, white wedding dresses is the first choice of brides, it is so harmonious with blue sky, golden sand, and the sea; with the simple and elegance hairstyle, you will be the most beautiful woman on the party;

wedding dresses for beach wedding

Third, about bridesmaid dresses that is the most important part to make your wedding pop, so some colors like corals, greens, blue and other vibrant tones that contrast the sand and the surf will the better color options, choose one that both you and bridesmaids all love;

UK bridesmaid dresses for beach wedding party

bridemaid dresses uk for beach wedding

Click for the One Shoulder Long Bridesmaid Dress Short V-neck Bridesmaid Dress




Peach is becoming the biggest bridal color in this wedding season instead of pretty in pink and coral. It complements most popular color spectrum: mint green, golden, grey, purple even black.

peach color themed wedding details


Everything can be incorporate into peach; it can be sprinkled into bouquets, flower; it also can be bend into wedding invitations, the wedding cake and wedding centerpieces. It is fun and romantic!

peach color in wedding

Bridesmaid dresses is the most stylish way to make peach color into wedding. Most of all this funny orange it flatters an array of skin tones, your girls will look elegance in peach bridesmaid’s dresses, and they will love it and feel confident in your wedding party.

peach bridesmaid dresses uk

We found plenty of peach shade bridesmaid dresses for you and your bridesmaids from simple draped style to retro inspired styles and fit-flare styles; Borrow inspiration from these beautiful stylish bridesmaid dresses to get ideas for your own bridesmaid dresses.

peach color palette bridesmaid dresses uk

peach short bridesmaid dresses uk on Kissprom

Click for the Short Peach Bridesmaid Dresses

long peach bridesmaid dresses on Kissprom

Click for the Long Peach Bridesmaid Dresses


Gorgeous Dresses Collection for Farm Wedding

Farm wedding is natural and earthy; it is one of the best ways to keep touch with nature. The atmosphere of farm wedding is relax and happy. Then do you know how to dress up yourself for a farm wedding? No matter you are brides, bridesmaids or just wedding guests, it is important to dress matching the wedding theme farm.

dresses for farm wedding

Wedding Dresses UK for farm wedding

wedding dresses for farm wedding wedding dresses uk for farm wedding

Bridesmaid Dresses UK for farm wedding

bridesmaid dresses uk for farm wedding

Click for the Left Bottom Bridesmaid Dresses

short bridesmaid dresses uk

Click for the Top Right Bridesmaid Dress Lace Bridesmaid Dress

Wedding Guest Dresses UK for farm wedding

farm wedding guest dresses uk

dresses for guest of farm wedding party

Click for the Ruched Wedding Guest Dress 

Cute Flower Girls’ Dresses UK for farm wedding

flower girls dresses uk


Short and Sweet Dresses Spotlight- Little White Dresses

LBD is always-appropriate dress for any special occasion so it is the necessary in every women’s closet. But thinking is it too dark and hot wear in summertime? A little white dress is way more versatile for spring, summer, autumn and winter, especially for summer season.

little black dress and little white dress

Are you thinking that little white dresses is too simple to a glam look? We can get answers from what celebrities wear on the red carpet.

little white dresses runways

celebrities in little white dresses

If worn in right way, little white dresses will look fabulously too, a favorite for both day wear and evening reception wear.

little white dress for causal and formal occasion

In general, the darker you are in skin tone, the darker shade of white will best suit you, meanwhile pale skin shades will look best in bright white shades.

little white palette dresses

If you want to make more of a statement, match up your little white dress with some bright colors: reds, blues, or pinks.

add statement to your little white dresses

Add some sparkle glamorous silver and gold accessories for a more modern look.

little white dresses with golden accessory

Pair up your little white dress with some black for more of a classy and sophisticated outfit.

little white dresses with black accessories

Other great way to make statement is to match patterns with your little white dress .

match little white dresses with patterns

LWD is perfect for Prom Party, Graduation Party, Homecoming Party,Romantic Rendezvous,Day Party Time, Cocktail Hour, Beach Babe and rehearsal dinner;there are countless options on the market that will match everyone’s personal taste and style. Find your fresh frock with the LWD to channel your girlish charm for a sweet-yet-sophisticated look.

white little dresses on kissprom

Click for the Left Little White Dress   /    Right Little White Dress


Dresses for Alice in Wonderland Party

No matter it is a wedding party or a costume ball party, Alice in Wonderland is a funny and imagination theme and you can also wear Alice in wonderland prom dress to your prom party too.

Alice in Wonderland themed party dresses uk

You can dress up yourself as any characters of Alice in Wonderland, the whimsical  Alice; The blue Caterpillar changed into buffer fly; The Cheshire Cat, cat of Duchess; The rude Mad Hatter; the violent Queen of Heart; the White Rabbit who always in hungry and the seeming cheerful White Queen.

characters of Alice in Wonderland

My aim of this blog to collect the dress can be worn to an Alice themed party. Now let’s find them together.

costume dresses in Alice in Wonderland

Dresses for Alice in Wonderland Themed costume ball party

dresses for alice in wonderland costume party

dresses of costume alice in wonderland parties

Dresses for Alice in Wonderland Themed Wedding Party

wedding dresses for alice in wonderland

wedding dresses uk for alice in wonderland themed wedding

        Click for Lace Embroidery Dress                                  Click for Melon Red Ball Gown

bridesmaid dresses uk for alice in wonderland themed wedding

bridesmaid gowns uk for Alice in Wonderland Themed Wedding

     Click for Lace Embroidery Dress                       Click for Melon Red Ball Gown


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