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Inspiring Mint Green Dresses for wedding

Mint green themed wedding become one of the most popular wedding since 2013. It is the main wedding color scheme or one of the main color schemes. Today I will share you some amazing mint dresses for mint green themed wedding party.

mint green wedding party

Mint green wedding dresses

It will be a big challenge for bride to choose mint green wedding dress. White wedding dresses always are the first choice of brides for so long.

Though I am not the one who will choose other color wedding dress, I like the mint green wedding dresses, they fresh and amazing : -)

mint green wedding gowns mint green wedding dresses

Mint Green Bridesmaid Dresses

Color of Bridesmaid dresses is the important symbol of a wedding, so choose mint green bridesmaid dresses for your girls to highlight your mint green wedding color.

short mint green bridesmaid dresses uk

Click for the    One Shoulder Bridesmaid Dress       /        Strapless Bridesmaid Dress

long mint green bridesmaid dresses uk

Click for the  Left Bridesmaid Dress /  Right Bridesmaid Dress

Mint Green Wedding Guest Dresses

Wear a mint green dress to a mint green color wedding, it will be funny, you will look harmony with the scenery.

short mint green wedding guest dresses uk

Click for the Left Dress  /  Right Dress


long mint green wedding guest dresses uk

Click for the  Left Dress   Right Dress


Chic Downton Abbey Ladies Formal Dresses

Downton Abbey first aired on ITV on 26th of Sep 2010 in UK and Ireland, now four series and the five is planned. It is popular all over the world.

Downtown Abbey

We are captivated not only by the Drama, but also their life styles, the upper class royal life style. From tableware to the order of dish served, everything is gorgeous. 

tableware of downtown abbey

But I care more about what ladies wear to different occasion. All the dresses they worn are elegance and noble.

towndown abbey ladies dresses

Let’s look over together to get some inspiration for your special occasion party dresses.

Wedding Dresses

vintage wedding dresses uk

Normal Dresses

normal dresses uk

Dinner Party Dresses

dinner party dresses uk

Dance Party Dresses

dance party dresses uk


Inspiration of Bridesmaid Dresses for Romantic Lavender Wedding

Lavender wedding is romantic and elegance. Bride and Groom walked among Flower Sea to get wishes from families and friends.

lavender themed wedding

Bridesmaids are the people who always stand by you to give help before wedding till end of wedding. They deserved better bridesmaid dresses.

bride and bridesmaids

Perfect bridesmaid dresses are important part of a successful wedding. For a lavender wedding’s bridesmaid dresses, considerate the lavender color first. Color goes well with lavender wedding is purple color palette, gray, mint green.

bridemaid dresses color for lavender wedding

purple palette bridesmaid dresses uk

purple bridesmaid dresses uk

Click for the Purple Bridesmaid Dress UK

 gray bridesmaid dresses UK

Gray long bridesmaid dresses uk

Click for the Long Gray Bridesmaid Dress UK

Mint green bridesmaid dresses uk

 Braid Bridesmaid Dress / Grecian One Shoulder Bridesmaid Dress

Lace bridesmaid dresses are also perfect choice for lavender wedding; both of them are elegance and charming.

lace bridesmaid dresses UK

Blue Illusion Bridesmaid Dress                     /        Cut out Strapless Bridesmaid Dress



Inspiration of Bridesmaid Dresses of Sunflower Themed Wedding Party

Sunflowers theme, a popular theme of fall wedding party, its bright color and blooming flowers easily make people on the party happy and relax. With the help of burlap, a perfect rustic wedding come out easily, plus some creative DIY, it will be very unique and personality. sunflowers themed rustic wedding party As main color of a wedding party, other colors such as red palette, gold, green, orange, royal purple, brown and dark blue will work perfect with sunflowers wedding.

Red palette Bridesmaid Dresses on Sunflower themed wedding

red palette bridesmaid dresses for sunflower wedding

Click Here for Wine Short Fitted Bridesmaid Dress

Green Bridesmaid dresses for sunflower themed fall wedding green bridesmaid dresses

Click Here for Short Pleated Green Bridesmaid Dress

Yellow Bridesmaid Dresses for fall sunflower wedding

yellow bridesmaid dresses for sunflower wedding

Click Here for Orange and Yellow Floral Bridesmaid Dress

 Royal Purple Bridesmaid dresses prepared for sunflower wedding

purple bridesmaid dresses

Click Here for Elegance Purple Bridesmaid Dress

Brown Bridesmaid Dresses

brown bridesmaid dresses

Dark Blue Bridesmaid Dress perfect for the sunflower wedding


Click Here for One Shoulder Bridesmaid Dress

Golden bridesmaid dresses for sunflower rustic wedding

Golden Bridesmaid Dresses

Click Here for Vintage Golden Bridesmaid Dress


Ideas Inspiration of Tiffany Blue Themed Wedding Party

As many celebrity stars used Tiffany Blue as their wedding theme, it becomes more and more popular; it is very romantic & fresh!

tiffany blue wedding

Wedding flowers, wedding cake, wedding favor, wedding centerpieces and Wedding Avenue, all of these things can be melted with Tiffany color theme. The attire in Tiffany blue will be a beautiful spotlight on the wedding.

tiffany wedding flowers

tiffany blue wedding cake


wedding desert of tiffany blue wedding

deatils of tiffany blue wedding

Click for the One Shoulder Short Bridesmaid Dresses

The Tiffany blue wedding centerpieces

tiffany blue wedding centerpieces

Bridesmaid dresses are also an important part of your wedding; choose tiffany blue bridesmaid dresses to match with the whole wedding theme.

tiffany blue bridesmaid dresses

spotlight on tiffany wedding

tiffany blue wedding bridesmaid dresses

tiffany color wedding


2015 Prom Dresses Style Guessing

2014 prom season is mostly over now; it is time to prepare for 2015 prom season now. Let’s guess what style 2015 prom dresses UK will be inspired by the designer and celebrities on the red carpet from 2010 to 2014.

2010 prom dresses trend

The prom dresses trend of 2010 inspired from designers and Red Carpet celebrities is combination of Hollywood and individual self personality. It focuses on glamour with dazzling details, vivacious color to shine you as a young adult on your night. lafemma and sherril hill 2010 prom dresses alyce and jovani 2010 prom dresses

2011 prom dresses trends

High low hemline dress, print prom dresses, ruffled, sequin and rhinestones are the dominant characters of 2011. seuqin and rhinestones prom dresses 2011 uk high low and print prom dress uk

2012 prom dresses trends

2012 prom dresses trend is all about diversity, the tradition prom dress style is still in, high low dresses trend is bigger than last year, Low V-neck and princess style prom dresses are also in fashion trend of 2012. 2012 prom dresses uk style trends 2012 prom dresses uk

2013 prom dresses trends

Full sequin gowns, ombre and coral color prom dresses playing important roles of 2013 prom dresses trends. sequin and coral prom dresses uk 2013 ombre and coral prom dresses uk 2013 It is time to 2014. The main trends of 2014 prom dresses are the decoration of lace and embroidery and illusion style. Color trend of prom dresses 2014 is fluorescence colour. fluorescence colour prom dresses 2014 uk lace and illusion 2014 prom dresses uk Now let’s image designers’ prom dresses style of 2015: Sequin takes part an important role in every year. It wills not exception this year. Lace embroidery came back fashionable in this year representation of feminist; it will still take a place of the 2015 prom trends. The tradition style with sweetheart, strapless will never get out of fashion. And we believe that these genius dress designer will create more gorgeous style to help to steal the spotlight on the special night. 2015 prom dresses UK Anyway, fashion trend changed with times going, the only one thing that never change is your preference, just confidence and choose a perfect one dress, even a simple one, you are fashionable. Our website collected hundreds of thousands of style prom dresses according the fashion trends,Click for the Cheap Fashionable Prom Dresses UK


2014 Bridesmaid Dresses Trend-Navy Blue

Navy blue represents elegance and royalty. Everybody loves navy blue; a dreamy navy blue wedding will make your guest happy and bring good luck to you lovers. Let’s begin a navy blue wedding with choosing navy blue bridesmaid dresses for your dearest bridesmaids. They are very important for a perfect navy blue wedding!

The most normal style of bridesmaid dress is Empire waist bridesmaid dresses. I love the short navy blue bridesmaid in the picture; the bridesmaids look so pretty and nifty.

navy blue and gold wedding inspiration

Deep V-neck bridesmaid dresses are formal and sexy

Deep V-neck navy blue bridesmaid dress

Click for the Short V-neck Navy Blue Bridesmaid Dress

navy blue bridesmaid dress

Click for the Classic V-neck Navy Blue Bridesmaid Dress

One shoulder navy blue bridesmaid dress, long dress is as beautiful as the short bridesmaid dress

single shoulder navy blue bridesmaid dress

Click for the Floral One Shoulder Long Bridesmaid Dress

Lace navy blue bridesmaid dress is so breathtaking

lace navy blue bridesmaid dress

Click for the Blue Short Lace Bridesmaid Dress

Sweetheart long neckline bridesmaid dresses are simple and classic

navy blue sweetheart bridesmaid dresses

Special back design of navy blue bridesmaid dress is so lovely and special.

special back design of navy blue bridesmaid dress

Click for the Cross Band Back Long Bridesmaid Dress


Ideas of Rustic Themed Wedding

Rustic wedding theme becomes popular and popular now after luxury Renaissance wedding and romantic Baroque Themed wedding. It is green friendly and budget wedding.

rustic themed wedding party

As an outdoor wedding, the location could be a barn, country, backyard, woodland or a park, even a beach, wedding guest would enjoy a relax trip to get close with nature in the fresh air.

locations of rustic wedding

The style of nature guileless and elegance temperature, the special character of field and garden is the style of rustic wedding decoration.

decoration of rustic wedding

rustic wedding decoration

The retro colors of green, brown and khaki are the main colors of rustic wedding party.

rustic themed outdoor wedding

The material of decoration advocate collecting from natural, the plants, flowers, stones, wood and so on.

natural decoration of rustic wedding

Hope you like this project; remember to use natural sign into your special day!

wedding flowers of rustic wedding

rustic wedding dresses

ustic bridesmaid dresses

Click for the Pink Short Bridesmaid Dresses

Click for the Purple Short Bridesmaid Dresses

Click for the Pale Green Short Bridesmaid Dresses


wedding cake for rustic weddingMore style bridesmaid dresses for your themed wedding party, go to our website: Kissprom



Wedding Trends – Special Back Design Details of Bridesmaid Dresses 2014

When we look to buy any form of clothing we always focus on the front and the poor back design often gets over looked. As a designer I can tell you that it’s sometimes easy to do, you are so preoccupied with the front that the back simply just gets neglected. Another reason for this is also due to price, designers are often encouraged by buyers to leave the back empty as we never look at this when browsing the shops so why would we make the garment more expensive if it’s not going to be seen?

Special Design Off Shoulder Bridesmaid Dress

Well this year things are set to change as the fronts get simplified and time and money is ready to be spent on the back design. We have seen many top designer bridal gowns in past years, but now the maids have their turn to shine too! Here are some of our favorite and most imaginative designs on the market right now!


bridesmaid dresses with heart  back


Bridesmaid Dresses with Pretty Back Designs

convertible bridesmaid dresses

special back design of bridesmaid dresses

special back design of bridesmaid dresses

special back of bridesmaid dress



Click for this vintage pink v back bridesmaid dress

Teal  bow knot halter high low bridesmaid dressesClick for this halter high low bridesmaid dress


2014 Hottest Bridesmaid Dress Colors and Trends

Are you ready to pick the perfect dresses for your bridesmaids? What’s the hottest style in the 2014 and what’s the best choice for your own? Vintage lace or flowing chiffon, peach orange or mint green, classic floor length or pretty knee length, or illusion Necklines? So 2015 spring is so gorgeous for you and your girls to be shining when you choose your favorite ones. Let’s go and check the best 2014 Bridesmaid Dress Colors and Trends.

real wedding lavender  bridesmaid dresses

Number 1: Lace Bridesmaid Dresses

lace bridesmaid dresses

short vintage lace bridesmaid dresses

                         Click for this vintage short lace bridesmaid dress 

Number 2: Illusion Necklines

illusion bridesmaid dresses

short illusion navy blue bridesmaid dresses                                                                        Click for this short illusion bridesmaid dress

Number 3: Ombre Styles

ombre bridesmaid dresses

Number 4: Pleated V-neck Bridesmaid Dresses

V-neck long bridesmaid dresses

Deep V-neck long bridesmaid dresses

Click for this long deep v-neck bridesmaid dress

Number 5: Peach orange bridesmaid dresses

peach and orange bridesmaid dresses

peach short bridesmaid dresses

Click for this peach short bridesmaid dresses

Number 6: Mint Green Bridesmaid Dresses

mint green bridesmaid dresses

short mint bridesmaid dresses

Click for this simple mint short bridesmaid dress

Number 7: Blush Bridesmaid Dresses

blush color bridesmaid dresses

blush lace short bridesmaid dresses

Click for this Sexy key hole back short lace bridesmaid dress

Number 8: Gray Bridesmaid Dresses

grey color wedding partylong grey bridesmaid dresses

Click for this cap sleeves twist long bridesmaid dress



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