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The dance and joy season- prom season 2014 is on its way now; it’s time to choose a amazing prom dresses for yourself to enjoy this social party and enjoy yourself in dancing like a spirit, a divinity, a goddess.

prom season 2014

There always new trends in the prom dresses field, we can find the newest trends in “seventeen”. 
But fashion trends is just a reference, do choose prom dresses according body shape, skin and hair color.
Girls who have a sexy body shape especially large bust girls, low neckline or deep neckline might be the best choice for you. 
Don't wear the dress with straps or high neckline.
deep v-neck prom dresses
Girls with long legs can wear all length dress. 
Remember don’t wear short mini dresses if the party is a formal party.
The most popular colors in 2014 might be gold; you can see it everywhere, watches, mobile, skirt and so on. 
But gold is too bright to girls. 
Instead light yellow prom dresses might be more suitable for girls.
yellow prom dresses
One of the most popular styles is retro style dress, strapless style with big hemline. 
If you like the style of the British, unique, non-modern, do with this vintage princess prom dresses
vintage princess prom dresses

Do choose prom dresses with your friends or Mum, they will give you some useful advice;

Do choose prom dress thinking of your casual dress to decide the style and color.


Don’t shop prom dress by yourself no matter in the local store or online.

Don’t just follow fashion trends, you need personality.