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Black prom dress and accessories

Black is a classic, universally flattering color choice for a prom or formal dress. Whether you chose a simple little black dress, a sophisticated black evening gown, or an elegant black ball gown, the concept of the black dress is that it will never go out of style, and no matter your age, your body shape,your skin and hair color is, black dress is amazing.

classic black prom dresses

Black Dresses loved by many stars is the evidence.

black celebrities dresses

But do you know how should we tie-in dress and accessories to stunning at the party?

The long black prom dress is the peak of sheer elegance. Remember Hollywood greats such as Ava Gardner and Audrey Hepburn? Now any girl can channel those icons’ classic chic-ness with their very own long black prom dress. May it be clean and unadorned or studded and jeweled; a girl can never go wrong in wearing a long black dress for the prom party.

long black prom dresses

long black gown and accessories

A little black dress is always in style and makes a chic and sexy fashion statement. Wear a little black dress from the Kissprom collection for party or prom.

charming little black dresses

black prom dresses with beautiful accessories


You just can’t go wrong with a black dress, and did we mention that black is both slimming and sexy. So, do you need any more reasons to shop today for the perfect little sexy black dress?

Want a black prom dresses now? Acting on your dream now!



Nude Color 2014 Fashion Trend of Prom Dresses

2014 nude formal dresses

The 86th Academy Awards ceremony was held, the most eye-catching things are the dresses of the actresses. It’s easy to find a fashion trend according their shinning dresses: Nude Color.

nude celebrities dresses

Nude color is making fashion waves.

nude color trend fashion

Why not choose a nude color prom dress for yourself like these charming women on the Red Carpet?

nude prom dresses

Nude color prom dresses make you seem easy to close.

Nude color prom dresses with much elegance!

cute nude long prom dresses

Same color shade shoes will match nude prom dresses perfectly.

nude color matching details

To be the focus of the prom with our nude color UK 2014 prom dresses!

2014 UK nude prom dresses


Red color prom dresses

Red prom dresses could be a bold fashion statement, but if worn well, it will create a look that seems both classic and seductive.

gorgeous red prom dresses

Red color prom dresses redefine every second with saturated colors and daring lines. Steal every glance with clothing that shines. These prom dresses demand attention. Make the perfect statement then with looks that are playfully sophisticated.

sophisticated perfect red prom dresses

Every girl deserves to be noticed. A red prom dress makes that a simple task. Teenage favor is always changing. Junior dresses in red, however, survive any trend. 

sparking red junior prom dresses

teenage red prom dress

Black is a strong neutral that can hold its ground against a red prom dress without stealing the show. Tie a black belt around your waist to break up the monotony of a solid red dress and finish the look with black fashion boots.

black belt red prom dresses

When you choose accessories to wear with your red color prom dress, stick with simple, unobtrusive pieces that add a little interest and contrast without drawing too much attention. Keep your dress the focal point of your outfit.

styles red prom dress

A red dress offers striking style for any occasion. Indulge in brilliant colors.

It’s time to choose a red prom dress for yourself. collected lots of gorgeous red prom dresses for you to choose.

red prom dress shower


Dress yourself Like an Oscar actress with our prom dresses

The 86th Academy Awards ceremony, presented by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS), is honoring the actors, technical achievements, and films of 2013 and is taking place right now, March 2, 2014, at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, Los Angeles.

Actress on Oscar Red Carpet

The hot Celebrities’ dresses are the most eye-catching. Their dresses can give us some inspiration to choose our prom dresses. You can dress yourself an Oscar actress with our beautiful prom dresses. Let’s enjoy it now.

oscar actress dress

Jennifer Lawrence’s strapless sheath floor-length dress

Although with simple cut, but red color make this dress catching eyes successfully. Gorgeous necklace is a spotlight.

Jennifer Lawrence Red Sheath Long Dress

Kate Hudson and lupita nyongo’s sexy V-necklace floor-length dresses

Deep V-neck always is the best way to show sexy if you have confidence in your bust.

Kate Hudson and lupita nyongo’s sexy V-necklace floor-length dresses

Julia Roberts’s black lace dress

Black, a classic color, never out of trends and never disappoint you. Lace is a good expression of feminist. If you don’t know to choose a perfect color for yourself, then black will never let you down, plus lace decoration, you still could be the sparking one on prom party.

Julia Roberts’s black lace dress

Other Lace Dress, sexy can be found everywhere.

sexy lace prom dresses

Anne Hathaway’s halter dress

It seems that Anne like this style dress-bellyband dresses with delicate details.

Bellyband style prom dress can show off your young women’s feature fully. With some other details decoration, you will look fantastic.

Anne Hathaway bellyband sheath dress

Sandra Bullock and Idina Menzel’s sweetheart side pleated floor-length dresses

Sweetheart neckline is still first choice of most celebrity, it is classic but sexy at the same time.

Sandra Bullock blue sweetheart dress
Idina Menzel side pleated dress

Be confidence you can be the sparking stars like them.

What you need to do is to choose a perfect prom dresses with a delicate make up and hair style. With the help of some gorgeous accessories, you will be the prom queen at school party like these charming women.


How to Choose Your Prom Dresses

School prom day is a big day to students. It is a not a dancing party, it is also a social event. Everyone wants to show their best to date, partner and others, and become prom queen and king.

So to girls it is important to choose a beautifully flattering perfect prom dresses for prom night.

sparking perfect prom dresses

Begin your search for your prom dresses early.

Plan to choose and purchase your prom dress at least six to eight weeks before prom day, so that you have enough time for Plan B.

2014 prom dresses

Consider about your skin tone:

Skin tone plays a huge role in how you look in a color. If you have more of a pink or rosy undertone you will look better in cool colors such as blues and purples.

purple prom dresses blue prom dresses

Watch some celebrity red carpet events and use the internet and take notes on your favorite styles.

create-your-own-celebrity-dresses celebrity dresses

A couple of weeks before your prom, try on your dress with your shoes, jewelry, make-up, and hairstyle to be sure you like the finished look. Walk and move around in your prom dress a little to give it a comfort check.

prom dresses accessory collection