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How to Avoid Wear the Same at Prom Party

Let’s tackle a thorny issue that many girls are facing, the horror of turning up at the party wearing the same prom dresses as someone else! It is the most awkward situation.

wear same dresses with somebody else

Nobody can assure that you will look better than the other. That’s why searching for unique prom dresses becoming popular. The best way is to avoid this embarrass situation. But how?

Well, first you can try to search unique prom dresses from some fantasy shop, both local or Internet. Compare with some brand designer prom dresses, they have pithy patterns and stylized cutting, all these make the prom dresses totally different. BTW, the price is also economic.

unique prom dresses from kissprom

With the help of beautiful accessory (a special belt, a beautiful scarf), you also can get out of the awkward situation successfully, show off your personality at the same time.

accessory to create different feeling

scarf and necklace create charming

Last, just mentioned, we can notice that all models showing on fashion week T-station are all unique. There will never be someone who wearing the same as you. You can easily stand out at the crowd, but people’s eye will not full of adoration, instead you will find frighten, it is big adventure to wear dress like the models on T-station.

Maybe you won’t wear them, but you can enjoy them, you can find courage from the pictures.

unusual dresses on T-station

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Suggestion of wearing High Slit Prom Dresses of 2014

Slits are sexy and spells elegance, it is always first choice of big stars to wear walking on Red Carpet. But do you know how to work the high slit dress with elegance like Angelina Jolie?Angelina Jolie in side slit dress

side silt special occasional dresses


High side slit prom dresses is the best way to looks sexy, but if you wear it in inappropriate, it will be a disaster. For most of us do not have the courage like Paris Hilton.

Paris Hilton in high slit formal dress

Want to look sexy but with elegance at the same time in a slit prom dress, you should take the following into consideration:

First of all, a well-toned leg is necessary. Thigh- high slits look good on long and well-toned legs rather than on flabby legs. An effective training program involves just 30 to 60 minutes of fast walking several times a week will help to achieve toned thighs and calves.

elegance sexy slit prom dresses

Second, Don’t forget the fashion high heel shoes.

A proper pumps or sandals contribute a great share in creating the illusion of longer legs.

Please don’t wear flats to match your slit prom dresses. If you do this, the sexiness of the slit is erased.

fashion high heels

Third: Never reveal too much

If you are not Paris Hilton or Lady Gaga or models on fashion magazines, remember never reveal too much. Looking sexy and elegant is an art and the key is striking the right balance.

 high slit dresses for school prom party



How to Dress Sexy but Casual

How to make people notice you first at your prom party? Realize that leaving something to the imagination is an important part of dressing sexy. Don’t go overboard with revealing yourself.

blue sexy long prom dresses

First,Be confident and take pride in how you look in your prom dress.

Confidence is key. Get into the crowd to be with someone you have to get in the game or you’ll never get in.

sheath long prom dress with train

Second, stop trying to squeeze yourself into prom dresses that are too small – the end effect is that you look large. And avoid dresses that are over-sized for you; they won’t appear sexy.

special design high slit formal dress

Third, Don’t try too hard.

It needs to appear natural and yet still make it clear that you take time to care about your appearance.

Find clothes that flatter you.

sexy prom dresses

elegance black lace promdresses

You also need some fashion items to suggest sexiness.

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How to Shop Prom Dresses by Body Shape

Style is entirely objective, more a collection of shape-related findings which should at least give you an idea of where to start when it comes to finding the prom dresses for you.

Chinese style Print Mermaid Prom Dresses

Chinese style Print Mermaid Prom Dresses



















Pear Body Shape

If you’re  ‘classic pear’, you will likely spend the majority of your clothes-wearing days trying to hide or slim-down your bottom and hip area.

white short prom dresses  with floral decoration bust

baby doll dress with empire waist red Aline Chiffon strapless prom dress






















Apple Body Shape

If you’re an apple, empire line and longer length tops prom dresses will flatter your figure. Go for low-ish necklines to draw the eye upwards. Wearing a slightly heavier shoe can help to anchor and balance your top half.

Long Chiffon Sweetheart Strapless Prom Dress Deep V-neck Sexy white long prom dress


















Hourglass Body Shape

If you’re hourglass style, you’re blessed with a very sexy shape so you need to learn not to drown it in too-baggy clothes but also not go too overtly sexy either – unless that’s the look you’re going for!

Pink One Shoulder Mermaid Prom Dresses with Embroidery Coco in black sheath long formal dresses





















Rectangle body Shape

If you have rectangle body shape, a structured prom dress that cinches in with a belt will make you look curvier. If you have small bust you can get away with tricky to wear high-necked tops.

Peplum Prom Dresses

Finding the right dress for you is all about making the most of the body part you love (it could be anything from your bum to your collarbone) and taking the attention away from the bits you’re not so keen on.

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How to Choose Prom Dresses For Hourglass Body Shape

If your body shape is hourglass, congratulations your body shape is perfect. Every style prom dresses would suit you very well.

prom dresses for hourglass body shape

What you need to do when picking up prom dress is showing your perfect plump figure sufficient, and trying to weaken little flaw details of your body shape.

2014 prom dresses

Belt with decoration and A-line style prom dresses can weaken your over plump hips, full of femininity. These style prom dresses are good friends of large hips.

aline decoration belt prom dresses

Soft material prom dresses with retro cutting can show off your curve everywhere.

retro style prom dresses

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