Send Student Back to School in Style

Back to school season is right here; it’s time to start to shop to refresh your wardrobe for the “year” ahead. It’s also a time to reconnect with old friends and maybe make some new ones. Most importantly, it’s a time to establish your sense of style. Here are some simple tips and tricks to help adjust to the transition, and keep you looking flawless.

  1. Hairstyle for back to school: Do Deep condition your hair; after long summer, out in the heat, or swimming in your BFF’s pool, chances are that your hair is in dire need of a deep conditioner from the hot air and chemical overload. It’ll help to restore any moisture to your hair.

Most fun back-to-school hairstyles for girls:

Clipped-Back Bob and French braid for shorter hair:

back to school hairstyle for short hair

High wrapped pony: In addition to how high it’s placed on her head, the wrapped based continues the smooth look of the               slightly curled ponytail. Bangs swept in the opposite direction help keep the look balanced.  And Half-up: classic style, works on all different hair lengths and textures.

long hairstyle for back to school

Topknot braid out for curly girls and Pull-Through braid for girls who have ultra-thick hair

back to school hairstyle for special hair girls

Messy fishtail braid and fishtail ponytail combo for long hair:

cute back to school hairstyles for girls

  1. Make Up: Do exfoliate, a good exfoliator will remove any dead skin cells and make way for healthier ones. About makeup, less is always more. Beauty really does come from the inside. Don’t worry about wearing layers of foundation, eyeliner and mascara; you’re going to class, not out to a fancy dinner. Keep things lightweight and neutral for back-to-school.

A lot of beauty products can last a while before they should be thrown out. However, when it comes to some products such         as mascaras or eyeliners, you need to clean them out about every 3 months.

  1. Bags for girls back to school: our advice is to skip the traditional campus staples and opt for a few more fashion-forward pieces. Undoubtedly, except special design backpack, there are few pieces that feel more essential to the back-to-school shopping list like totes.untraditional bags for back to school


  1. Accessories: And also Start the academic year off by giving your phone, laptop and smart devices a cool back-to-school accessories for back to school
  2. Dresses for homecoming party: speak to homecoming, we have to say homecoming party, an important special occasion to show your fashion sense, a perfect homecoming dresses will make you sparkle everyone on the party. Check and choose one for yourself at Kissprom.homecoming dresses 2017

KSP455 / KSP255


Homecoming Dresses

Today when surfing online, I suddenly met a song “Homecoming” singed by Vienna teng, it remind me of the annual school homecoming.


Homecoming is on its way, what’s the theme of the spirit week? 80s day, toga day, roll out of bed day, cowboy day, nerd day, pirate day, Rat Pack Day, flannel Friday or What-not-to-wear Wednesday?

interesting homecoming theme


Except these clothing of the spirit week, the parade clothes in the color of your school, you also need to prepare dress for the homecoming party culminating event of the week on Saturday.

clothes wear during homecoming

On the homecoming, you may come with friends or date. If you come with your date, don’t forget the coordinate of both of your clothes.

pair dress with date for homecoming

Homecoming can be called fall prom, but it is more semi-formal than prom, girls love to wear knee length dresses instead of wearing a more formal gown; boys wear nice khaki slacks with white button shirt instead of tuxedos.

homecoming dresses uk

Ready to be the Queen of the party with your date? Hope one of these beautiful dresses is the one you wore when you are crowned.

homecoming dresses UK on Kissprom

Rainbow DressHigh Low Dress / Light Purple  Dress