Just A Way to Solve Ten Thousand Body Shape Problem

Different girls have different body shape, all sorts of these body shapes can be sums up to the following four shapes: Apple, Pearl, Hourglass and rectangle.

four body shape

We believe that no matter what your body shape is, there is trouble when dressing yourself. You shoulder wear this v-neck, you can’t wear loose style, there always some restrict. But forget all these, relax today, just remember one- waisted, a magic solution when choose your 2017 prom dresses.


  1. Apple Body Shape:

Cons: fat top body, waist and belly are serious problem;

Pros: slim bottom, slender legs.

Solution: Waisted and reveal legs.

A top fitted short waisted empire short prom dresses is for apple body shape girls.

short emoire waist prom dresses for apple body shape girls

2.  Pearl Body Shape:

Cons: fat waist, belly and crotch;

Pros: slender arms and legs, plump breasts.

Solution: higher waistline hardly, and waisted.

Remember that to pearl shape body; it is totally wrong to cover fat. Don’t choose loose style clothes or dresses.  Just high waistline and cinch waist is your true love.

cinch high waist prom dresses for pearl shape girls

3. Hourglass Shape Body:

Cons: easy to become rectangle without waist curve.

Pros: it is perfect body shape, genetic predispotion is fine.

Solution: First Fitted and then waisted.

Large breast, small waist, large hips, hourglass shape body is uncommon, it is close to perfect body shape. But it doesn’t mean that you can wear everything. Loose style, soft material these will hide your genetic predispotion. Emphasis your slim waist, you are the goddess.

prom dresses for hourglass body shape girls

4. Rectangle Shape Body:

Cons: No curve.

Pros: Slim.

Solution: Waisted and emphasize your want to highlight.
Stay away from oversize dresses and clothes; you will look like more skinny.

Ball gown, umbrella skirt and other dresses with big bottom are your style.

prom dresses for rectangle girls

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